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Afghan Seeds | Indica Strain

Afghan Cannabis has a reputation for being one of the most resinous strains of cannabis on the planet. It is valued for making the famous afghani black hash as well for its intense potency.

Adored by weed growers because of a well-known and steady genetic heritage. This marijuana type makes a strong base for seed breeders who want to produce new and intensely potent variations of this dank Indica. Its name originates from the same place as the weed strain itself, Afghanistan. It has been growing wild there for centuries and harvested by the locals for its medicinal properties.

A world-famous landrace strain from the high elevation mountains of Afghanistan, this weed has some of the purest cannabis genetics out there.

This marijuana strain was honed by mother nature and didn’t need any influence from humans to make it a wonderful creation. Nature managed to get it right, creating an almost perfect plant that was taken to a new level once the seed breeder got involved. Hundreds of years of human crossbreeding are to thank for the reliable genetics of the Afghani cannabis strain.

What Is the Afghan Cannabis Strain?

Widely used in the cannabis breeding community giving birth to epic strains such as Northern Lights and Blueberry. It gained its notoriety from being used for decades in the ever-famous heavy-hitting Afghan Black Hash.

Very potent, newbs need to be aware of their consumption levels, for this weed can easily reach 25%. This with its 100% Indica effects, should give caution to the unprepared consumer.

Delivering to the user, an immense body high that leaves you couch-locked with a giant case of the munchies.

Afghаn Aroma, Flavor, and Aрреаrаnсе:

A scent of flowers and sweetness coupled with its earthy pungency gives this strain a welcoming scent to the grower. The strain’s scent is coupled with a delicious flavour that is piney and spicy, with an herbal aftertaste.

It is an exceptional strain for the production of hash, as it was bred for decades mainly for this purpose. Inbreeding and natural evolution have brought this strain to the epic status it enjoys today.

Appearance-wise, The Afghani weed plant is bushy and short, the same as most Indicas. It develops large fan leaves that are quite broad. The buds are densely packed and large, with orange pistils that are quite prevalent through its frost nugs.

Afghаnі Cannabis Seeds Strain Grоw Infо:

Suitable for cultivation inside and outdoors, Afghani weed is tremendously easy to grow and quite forgiving to mistakes when growing. Short by nature, many growers like to use the Sea of Green technique to maximize the yields of this wide plant.

Even if you don’t have a ton of space to grow this strain will still perform well and give you great yields. Outdoors, the short plant will help keep your crop hidden from nosy neighbours. A hot, Mediterranean climate is essential for maximizing the yield, with harvest times falling to about late September, early October. This being a landrace strain it is very resistant to most common plant ailments, which makes it a good pick for those who want easy to grow weed plants.

The flowering period for Afghani #1 is between 7 to 8 weeks, which is faster than most. Indoors you can expect a yield of about a pound per square meter of plants, and outdoor yields are around 1.5 lbs per plant.

You will receive large sticky buds coated with resin for your hard work that is excellent for making cannabis concentrates, especially hash. When doing the end chop and trim you can expect copious amounts of finger hash.

This strain has been acclimatized to western growing conditions by selectively crossbreeding various Afghani No 1 parents and selecting offspring plants with favourable traits. The popularity of Afghani No 1 can be seen through its use as a genetic building block in many predominately indica strains created or preserved within the Dagga Seeds bank gene pool and other seed companies.

Sex Regular
Variety Indica
Strain Genetics Afghan #1
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time  7 weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month Mid-Late September
Plant Height Small bushy
THC Content 17 – 25%


6 reviews for Afghan Seeds | Regular Photoperiod

  1. Bruce

    The order came fast with a bunch of freebies, thx Dagga

  2. Brian

    All seeds sprouted, and all are growing strong.
    Genetics so far appears to be of good quality.

  3. Brian

    A good strain medicinal strain. It’s a retro Indica strain from way back. Easy to grow

  4. Quan

    I have been growing this strain for 20 years, still one of my favs

  5. Corey

    It’s a good strain for indoor grow, fast flower, insane amount of bud

  6. John Willis

    Came Fast, thx for the freebies

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