Growing Autoflower Cannabis



Table of Contents: 1 Week Old Autoflower | Germination and Seedling Stage 2 Week Old Autoflower | Early Vegetative Stage 3 Week Old Autoflower | Vegetative Stage and Pre-Flowering 4 Week Old Autoflower | Early Flowering Stage 5-6 Week Old Autoflower | Mid-Flowering Stage 7-8 Week Old Autoflower | Late Flowering Stage 1 WEEK OLD AUTOFLOWER: …



5 Best Purps Weed Strains

Marijuana is a plant that is commonly green in color, but some strains can take on a unique purple appearance. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and discuss some of the best purps weed strains available at reliable seed shops. The high concentration of a flavonoid called anthocyanin is what makes …

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Best pH, TDS, EC for Cannabis

Growing cannabis requires careful attention to various environmental factors, including pH, TDS, and EC. These parameters can significantly impact the plant’s growth, yield, and potency. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what pH, TDS, and EC are and how to measure and adjust them to ensure optimal growth conditions for cannabis. Table of Contents: I. What …

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Stem Splitting Cannabis

As cannabis cultivation continues to evolve, growers are constantly searching for new techniques to improve yields and potency. One such technique that has gained attention in recent years is stem splitting. While it may sound extreme, this method has been in use since the 1970s and is known for its ability to increase resin production …

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Best Compost for Growing Autoflowers

When it comes to growing autoflowering cannabis, selecting the right compost is crucial. Compared to their photoperiod counterparts, autoflowers require a slightly different soil composition. Photoperiod plants usually need more nutrients, but autoflowers are sensitive to overfeeding and have a short growing time, leaving little room for error. Therefore, it’s essential to create a growing …

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Autoflowering Cannabis Commercial Cultivation

I. Introduction II. What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds? III. Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Commercial Cultivation IV. Challenges of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Commercial Cultivation V. Best Practices for Cultivating Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Commercially VI. The Future of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in Commercial Cultivation VII. Conclusion I. Introduction The cannabis industry has experienced significant …

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Top 10 Cannabis Seed Questions

Are you new to growing cannabis and have questions about selecting and caring for cannabis seeds? Or, are you an experienced grower looking to expand your knowledge of cannabis seed genetics and cultivation? Regardless of your experience level, understanding the basics of cannabis seed selection and care is essential to producing healthy, high-quality plants. In …

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