Granddaddy Purple Seeds | Regular Photoperiod


Granddaddy Purps Seeds | Regular Photoperiod


Strain Characteristics
Breeder/Brand Granddaddy Purple Seeds
Genetics Big Bud X Purple Urkle
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular Male and Female Seeds
THC Content 20-27%
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 8 weeks

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Ken Estes Granddaddy Purple Seeds – Grand Daddy Purps – GDP

Granddaddy Purple is a hugely popular Indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This intricate Indica cross exudes a berry and candy aroma. It was Purple Urkle who was the one to pass down this genetic gift while the Big Bud passes on its massive, dense yields.

The flower bloom in wonderful shades of purple that is still quite visible after drying and curing. It also comes with a thick layer of glistening White Trichome Resin.

Grand Daddy Purps has an image all to itself, skunky fruity goodness and a quick flowering period make it one of the best Indica strain seeds to buy. You can show off its exceptional bag appeal to all your friends and make them drool with envy. which makes this another must-have strain.

The Granddaddy Purple strain is super popular right now and it features a whopping 21% average THC content plus delicious candy-like flavours. It was bred by mixing the Big Bud and Purple Urkle strains and delivers a nice buzz filled with flavourful smoke. The buzz will hit you after a couple of drags and leave you feeling good and relaxed. One of its best features besides the great high is the taste of grapes, berries, and candy, so it’s a real treat for the nose and taste buds as well.


Ken Estes Granddaddy Purple Seeds Strain Profile

 Strain Genetics  Big Bud x Purple Urkle
 Strain Dominant Mostly Indica – Indica 80% – Sativa 20%
 THC Content  20- 27%
 CBD Content  1%
 Flowering Time  7-8 Weeks
 Flowering Type  Photoperiod
 Yield  Indoor 650 gr/m² / Outdoor up to 2kg per plant
 May Relieve  Arthritis, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Lack of Appetite, Chronic Pain
 Best to Grow  Indoor / Outdoor
This colourful strain has taken the cannabis world by storm even though it had humble beginnings in a west coast stoner hub known for its cannabis culture. First bred in California by Ken Estes – the “Medicine Man” himself – it was no shock that his followers would make the strain world famous.

Skip ahead to now, and Granddaddy Purps weed has become not only a favourite on the west coast but also a global weed icon. Sitting on the top shelf of most high-quality cannabis dispensaries, this Indica-dominant strain has become a favourite seed to grow for some of the world’s most seasoned cultivators.

Find out all you wanted to learn about this Ken Estes cannabis creation in our comprehensive Granddaddy Purple strain review.

What Is the Ken Estes Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain?

Classified as a heavy Indica cannabis strain, Granddaddy Purple inherits its name and traits from its parents – also well-known Indica’s Big Bud and Purple Urkle. GDP as its also called gets its sweet aroma from the Purple Urkle strain, while Big Bud passes down its dense and thick bud structure. Even though it has mostly Indica genetics, it does have a little Sativa mixed in, with an 80% Indica, 20% Sativa ratio.

Its best trait, of course, is Granddaddy Purple’s THC content: tests have this strain delivering an average THC percentage of 17-24%.

If you’re looking to produce a cannabis crop that’ll relax you, get you super high, and leave you feeling euphoric all at the same time, then GDP is no doubt an essential seed that you have to get your little green thumbs on.


Granddaddy Purple Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Terpene Flavor/Smell Description Percentage
Myrcene Earthy, musky 55-60%
Caryophyllene Spicy, peppery 5-10%
Pinene Piney, fresh 5-10%
Limonene Citrusy, lemon-like 1-2%
Linalool Floral, lavender-like 1-2%

To say that the bag appeal of Granddaddy Purple is stunning would be a massive understatement. There’s a reason why Granddaddy purps has become one of the most sought-after purple-coloured cannabis strains in the world. It has a cult following of those who idolize its vibrant colours and exotic candy-like flavour.

To generalize the aroma of GDP is sweet and citrusy, with earthy undertones. It also gives the user slight glimpses of grape and other juicy fruits. Your taste buds will be immediately treated to tangs of grape, berries.

The appearance of these massive and densely packed buds just makes this strain one to behold. Its bright green leaves are decorated with shades of orange and purple making it one of the most attractive strains to grow.

And don’t forget about the thick crystalline trichome layer that makes it appear as if a fresh layer of sugar has fallen upon the buds.

Ken Estes Granddaddy Purple Seeds | Grow Info

Most growers agree that cultivating Granddaddy Purple is fairly easy, but not recommended for your first grow easy. The main challenge growers encounter with GDP is maintaining its need for low humidity levels. These levels shouldn’t exceed 50% during flowering. Other than this growing restriction, Granddaddy Purps is naturally resilient to mould, pests, powdery mildew, and diseases.

This strain can be grown outside or indoors, but it requires a well-ventilated space to excel in. The plant itself is of the Indica variety, so it’s lower to the ground and densely bushy, making it great for closet spaces. When grown outdoors, GDP likes a warm, sunny climate, with harvest usually taking place around mid-October.

The photoperiod flowering time for Granddaddy purple ranges from 8 to 11 weeks. Because of its Big Bud heritage, it has higher than normal Indica plant yields coming in at around 19 ounces per plant outdoors, and 17 ounces per square meter inside. If you are looking at growing just for yields and prefer Indica cannabis then granddaddy purple is the choice to make.


Up first after your first couple puffs will be a feeling of relaxation spreading throughout your body. You will feel heavy and want to sink into the couch. This is then followed by an uplifting cerebral high that will leave you feeling euphoric.

Granddaddy Purple like all cannabis has some of the typical “stoner” traits that are so widely talked about. Munchies and couch-lock are two typical Indica traits that this strain delivers in abundance. These intense effects help to make it one of the best strains for dealing with sleep deprivation or appetite loss.

As the buzz sets in, your level of relaxation will become so intense that you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. This is normal for Granddaddy Purple as it is often used medically as a natural sedative. This strain is best consumed in your off-hours when you want to relax and unwind.


Medical Benefits

This strain having been created for medical patients to use throughout California probably has you thinking that this weed is packed full of healing compounds – a valid assumption.

Grandaddy Purple is used for many medical conditions and ailments both mental and physical. When taken for treating the body, GDP is probably most relied on for the numbing of chronic pain. It seems to be quite effective at taking the edge off a normally debilitating painful condition.

Since it is predominantly an Indica strain it will effectively treat, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress. When coping with a physical ailment such as chronic pain, insomnia or lack of appetite, a larger than normal dose of this strain is recommended to experience the full medicinal benefits.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Few people have a bad experience after consuming this weed strain, however, If higher amounts of THC will induce paranoia for you, then moderate your use of GDP. (or any potent cannabis strain for that matter).

The majority of users report cottonmouth(dry mouth) and dry eyes after ingesting some of this cannabis. This is of course easily managed with the proper refreshments and maybe some moisturizing eye drops.

Grandaddy Purple Seeds Review: Final Thoughts

Whether you are a recreational grower or a patient looking to find relief from a wide array of medical conditions, then Granddaddy Purple just might be the right strain to grow. It elevates and relaxes you at the same time with its hybrid genetics.

We hope you gained some knowledge while reading our in-depth Granddaddy Purple cannabis review, and that you not only found it to be informative but also entertaining. Try your hand at growing this strain and have fun showing off its beautiful blooms to your friends.


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