Autoflower Variety Pack 12 Feminized Seeds


Cannabis Autoflower Variety Pack

3 X 4 Seeds Total 12 Feminized Autoflower Seeds


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When you want to mix things up in the grow room, buying a Cannabis Autoflower Variety Pack is the way to grow. What are autoflower variety seed packs?

Cannabis autoflower variety packs consist of different 3 Autoflower cannabis strains within a single shipment. This seed variety pack contains seeds that will give you a high autoflower yield. Instead of purchasing seeds of a single cannabis seed strain, mix packs contain 3 different strains. Purchase the best autoflower seeds from the best autoflower seed bank.

Our Most Popular Autoflower Strains are Included.

Purple Kush Autoflower X 4 Seeds

NP Ultra Mass Autoflower X 4 Seeds

Magnum Autoflower X 4 Seeds

*Substitutions allowed where available(leave a note at checkout with your substitution request.)

21210cookie-checkAutoflower Variety Pack 12 Feminized Seeds


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