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Old School Skunk Seeds | Regular Photoperiod

Original Skunk #1 Seeds was the first true stabilized hybrid to enter the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses.

A full quarter of a century after its appearance, the strain that completely changed the face of cannabis culture continues to delight countless weed fans around the world! The original Skunk hybrids crossed traditional strains from South and Central America, Afghanistan and Thailand. Through intense selection over many generations and almost as many backcrosses, the very best Skunk specimens have been stabilized, resulting in the first natural Sativa-Indica hybrid – the classic indica-dominant Skunk #1.

The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that “skunk” is often used as a title for all sorts of potent cannabis strains. Breeders regard Skunk #1 as the reference for consistent and consistent performance, and her indestructible genotype may have influenced more than a hundred modern hybrids. Skunk #1’s energetic performance and bounty-yielding harvest demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid power. Both the growth and the flowering appear to the connoisseur as very typical for Indica, i.e. Skunk #1 grows only slightly more than a true, pure Indica during flowering.

The distinctive dark green leaves of this strain descend from its Afghan ancestors and contrast sharply with the lime green tips during growth. Flowering begins very quickly, and Skunk #1 soon forms strong branches to support her massive harvest. The short distances between branches explode into dense, rounded clusters of buds that coalesce upwards towards the end of flowering into heavy final buds. The fan leaves can end up displaying very different hues as the plants focus all of their energy on the resulting bud formations and resin infusion.

The Sativa heritage, on the other hand, is most evident in the beautiful calyxes, the long and numerous pistils, and the fact that the buds expand massively in all directions just before harvest time. The Sativa influence also has a wonderful influence on the potency and effect of Skunk #1 – a still amazing combination of stone and high.

Having been successfully stabilized, Skunk No. 1 seeds have been widely used as a breeding parent for most of today’s leading “skunk” and many other strains.

It is very easy to grow and has always been seen as a standard against which others can be measured. It produces dense buds varying in colour from light green to golden with a very high yield.

It is easy to manicure due to its high bud-to-leaf ratio. It has a sweet smell and taste with a cerebral high.

Sex Regular
Strain Genetics Acapulco Gold x Mexican Sativa x Columbian Gold Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 63 days
Where to Grow Greenhouse
Harvest Month Late October
Taste / Flavor Sweet
THC Content THC:  19%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%
Yield 700g m2

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  1. Maggie

    Greetings! I’ve been growing a long time, this is one of my best grows!

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