Marijuana Seeds Ordering Information FAQ

Do you ship worldwide? / Do you ship to my country?

We ship our marijuana seeds packages worldwide. As we are unable to keep track of laws in every country, we advise you to check your local laws about receiving cannabis seeds. We ship worldwide, if you live in a country where it is not allowed to receive viable marijuana seeds, be aware of the risk of interception by local authorities.

Where are we located? / Where do we ship our marijuana seeds from?

We are based in Canada, in the city of Newfoundland. All our orders are shipped from Canada.

The smallest quantity of seeds of one strain?

The smallest amount of seeds of one strain that can be ordered is 4  seeds. It is not possible to order a mix of seeds of different strains. It is not possible to order fewer than 4 seeds. You can order as many 4 to 5 seed packages as you want. Contact us for Bulk Seeds.

How are you going to ship my marijuana seeds order?

We ship your cannabis seeds in crush-proof containers which are inside mylar ziplock bags which are inside cardboard envelopes. There is no indication of content on the package and the envelope is tightly sealed. All packages are shipped small enough to fit in your mailbox. 

The name of the sender is not related to marijuana or seeds.

Can I pay with my national currency? / Do you accept my national currency cash? / Is there an online currency converter?

No, you may either pay in Canadian or U.S. dollars only. We do accept bank transfers

What are shipping and handling costs?

Shipping costs are $26 (Express Post)in Canada $50 (Express Post) to U.S.A and International for any package of seeds. We do offer FREE shipping at checkout for our North American Customers Only. (not Insured) We do not charge any additional shipping/handling costs for larger orders.


What are possible payment options? / Available ways of payment?

There are several easy and safe payment options at our marijuana seeds online shop.

  1. The most popular way of payment is cash via registered mail (to protect it from being stolen on the way), if you choose the cash option during checkout, make sure you enter your email without mistake and our system will send you a message with detailed instructions on how and where to send us cash. It is important to wrap the cash in black paper or some postcard to prevent it from being stolen. Make sure you put your order number on a piece of paper with the cash, so we can identify your order and send you your cannabis seeds!
  2. Bank transfer is also a safe and fast payment option and it is totally trouble-free, if you wish to send us payment via bank transfer and choose this option during checkout when ordering your marijuana seeds our system will send you a message with detailed instructions on how and where to transfer us the payment. Please put your order number in the description field so we can identify and ship your order asap!
  3. Credit Card

What are your delivery times? / How long will it take for my marijuana seeds package to arrive?

If you choose free shipping your package will arrive letter mail. Standard letter mail times will apply. 3 to 21 days depending whether or not you are in a remote location. After we receive your payment (up to 3 weeks if you send us cash in envelope) and if you live outside Canada, it will take 9 to 15 working days (21 days total) for the packages to arrive in your mailbox. If you live in Canada it will take 3 to 15 working days for the package to arrive in your mail box.

Express Post Shipping: 3 to 10 days to most parts of North America with insured shipping and tracking of your package.