Best Autoflower, Regular, Feminized Seeds for Sale






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Welcome to, we only sell the best autoflower, feminized and regular cannabis seeds. We also crossbreed the top strains to bring you new and exotic cannabis seeds to experiment with. We have seeds for sale for HIGH yields, elevated CBD and high THC contents. We sell various varieties of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis seeds perfect for any growing condition (eg. Hydroponics, Soil, Indoor, Outdoor, and any other growing techniques you may try). In addition, Dagga seeds ships our feminized cannabis seeds,  regular cannabis seeds and auto-flowering cannabis seeds to our customers from Canada, the United States, and around the world.

We have the best prices for top strains of marijuana seeds with discounts and other seed-freebies. We also include random giveaway promos that will allow you to grow and harvest the best marijuana plants. We offer plain packaging stealthy delivery methods to all countries and our private payment system allows you to pay for your weed seeds order using Cash, Money Transfer or Credit Card. You are assured of full security and privacy when you place your order from our seed bank through our website. If you have any questions about our purchasing process or want to ask a question about growing cannabis seeds then click the contact page at the top menu.

Choosing the Right Type of Cannabis Seeds to Grow

Most of our customers prefer to purchase cannabis seeds that deliver large yields and high THC content. For this reason, we try to focus on seed strains that deliver both. Try our Autoflower seeds for shorter growing seasons, most are finished in less than 9 weeks from the time you put the seed in the ground.
If you are unsure which marijuana seeds to buy, then send us a message with your end goals and needs in mind. Autoflower seeds also work great for perpetual harvest grow rooms as there is no need to change the light cycle to induce flowering.