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How To Make Super Soil And Grow Better Weed Plants

By Dagga Seeds Sep4,2021

This SUPER SOIL RECIPE will Super Charge your plants

Take your grow to the next level with this super soil recipe.


What is Super Soil?

The term “Super soil” refers to topsoil that has enough nutrients to support your weed plant all the way through its growing process. A key factor in choosing to use super soil is the balanced pH of the soil. Given the preloaded nutrients and balanced pH growers don’t need to worry so much. Plus, you only need to water the soil, you can skip the flushing part at the end of the flowering cycle. 

Growing with super soil may also take slightly longer, but it is much healthier. Also If you’re soil is unbalanced, you could end up “burning”  your plants with super soil. Still, many professional cannabis cultivators prefer using super soil, which more closely imitates the natural soil building process. 

What to look for in pre-made Super Soil

When selecting a good soil, you get what you pay for. You will need to spend an extra bit of money and buy a top brand that offers quality. If you’ve ever tried using cheap soil from a corner store, you’ve noticed that its texture has a loose-dirt consistency. These cheap soils have no ability to retain moisture well, and their wicking action is poor at best.

Invest your money in soil from a well-known company that has good reviews and industry support. Companies such as Biobizz and Foxfarm offer some excellent soil-based products, each supplemented with perlite and peat moss. Look for a soil with a strong NPK ratio and that is jam-packed full of cannabis nutrients.

Making Super Soil

If you are thinking about making super soil, you should know upfront it takes time, planning, ingredients and patience. You can skip the hard parts and the waiting if you buy pre-made super soil. The hardest part about making your own super soil is finding all the ingredients. Oh and there’s the months of waiting for your mixture to be ready to use in your garden. However, if you want to try it yourself then it’s quite doable. 

The Plant nutrients that are required for all cycles are as follows: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Sulfur.  Secondary to these the macronutrients your plant requires are Chlorine, Iron, Copper, Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Manganese.


What You Need to Make Super Soil:

The ingredients chart below contains the ingredients with these necessary nutrients and macronutrients. Follow the recipe and directions provided and you should be able to make your very own Super Soil at home.


Ingredient Quantity

High-quality potting soil. 100 Gallons (380L) – 8 Large Bags
Worm Castings 7 Gallons (28L)
Bat Guano 5 Lbs(2.2Kg)
Blood Meal Powder 5 Lbs (2.2Kg)
Fish Bone Meal 2.5 Lbs (1Kg)
Regular Bone Meal 2.5 Lbs (1Kg)
Alfalfa Meal 3 Cups
Kelp Meal 3 Cups
Oyster Shells 3 Cups
Mycorrhizae 2 tbsp
Granular Humic Acid 2 tbsp
Diatomaceous earth 2 Cups
Epson Salts 3/4 Cup
Compost Tea mix 2 tbsp

Tools Needed:

Large tarp, or other material/place that can be used for mixing large amounts of soil without making a mess.

Recycling Bins or Garbage Cans with a Lid

Large Mixing Bowl

Shovel and/or Rake


Step 1 To Making Super Soil

Place all of your ingredients on the tarp and thoroughly mix them together. Add a small amount of water to the mixture until it is slightly moist. Don’t overdo it on the water, you don’t want a sticky mess.  The idea is to make the mixture just wet enough to allow for healthy humidity levels. This moisture also helps the growth of beneficial microorganisms. 


Step 2 To Making Super Soil

Shovel the mixture into your garbage cans and put the lids on. Let the mixture to sit inside for about 45 to 90 days so that it gets composted. Be sure you place the containers in a warm place for the duration of the composting cycle. After approximately 3 months of waiting you have your very own Super Soil.


Step 3 To Making Super Soil

Once your super soil mixture is composted and ready, it’s time to add it to your planters. Fill only the bottom 1/4th to 1/3rd of your planters with your super mix.


Step 4 To Making Super Soil

In a separate container, add some base soil together with your super soil and mix thoroughly. Then, add this 50/50 mix on top of your super soil mix in your planter pot. This layer will act as a buffer and should only be a couple inches deep.


Step 5 To Making Super Soil

Fill the rest of your planter with base topsoil. Then, carve a hole in the center of the soil and transplant your weed plant into the larger pot.


Step 6 To Making Super Soil

That’s it you are all done, now just water them and watch them grow. You can sprinkle some extra Super Soil to the top of your planter throughout the flowering cycle to give them a little boost of energy if needed.

cannabis-plant-growing-in super-soil-diagram

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