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How to properly store your cannabis

By Dagga Seeds Oct2,2021

No one wants to see their good weed turn to dry dust. So here’s the best way to properly store your cannabis so it keeps its freshness and potency. Weed is usually sold in inexpensive packaging that is only designed to allow you to transport it home. While a plastic bag is ok for temporary storage, it’s important to switch to a better storage container if you want to hold on to it for more than a few days.

Factors to consider in order to properly store your cannabis

There are several factors that come into play for proper weed storage. Each of them must be considered if you are to keep buds as fresh as possible. Heat is the first and most obvious factor to avoid, as heat
dries out your weed and reduces potency. The light can also damage the trichomes, which are the resin glands responsible for the stickiness of the grass. While you need to be careful not to over-dry your weed, too much moisture can lead to mould growth. Eventually, too much movement and manipulation can cause the trichomes to detach.


The problems with plastic bags

Everyone, at one time or another, has stored their weed in plastic bags. Unfortunately, it is the preferred storage method of many discerning smokers. However, plastic bags have several flaws that affect the potency of the weed. In addition to allowing light and heat to pass through and promoting the accumulation of moisture. Plastic bags generate static electricity which can cause the grass to break and deposit on the sides of the bag. When this happens, a lot
of THC is lost, and smoking weed stored in a plastic bag is often a guarantee of harsher smoke.

Why freezing does not work

As an alternative to plastic bags, many people believe that wrapping their weed in foil and putting it in the freezer will keep it fresher longer. This method does not work, and for several reasons. First, temperature variations can affect freshness and can lead to the growth of bacteria. So unless you never open the freezer door again, you can be sure your weed will be damaged. In addition, freezing the buds turns the trichomes into mini ice cubes which will break down and make the cannabis less potent. Finally, those who keep their weed in the freezer tend to handle it more. often, which turns the grass even more into a pile of
low-quality greenery.

Airtight glass jar – The best way to properly store your cannabis.

Cannabis experts agree that glass jars are the preferred choice for storing weed. Preferably, the pot should have a tight-fitting lid that will protect the grass from drying out and moisture build-up. Another benefit of a tight-fitting lid is that the odour won’t escape, which can be useful for those who prefer discreet storage. While a clear
or clear jar is always better than a plastic bag, it’s best to choose a jar that is dark enough to block light. Glass jars come in different sizes, so you can choose the right one for you to store even large amounts of weed, with as little air as possible. When choosing your pot, take one that’s strong enough to withstand any bumps or drops, and consider using different pots for each specific strain, so you can sort and organize your weed.


Additional tips for more freshness

Once you’ve found the perfect airtight glass jar, there are still several ways to ensure the quality of your weed. First, store your jar in a dark, cool place, such as a cupboard or drawer. Then, avoid choosing a closet near a heat source. The heat rises, and that produced by ovens and microwaves will eventually dry out your weed. Finally, avoid handling your weed more than necessary. While it’s always tempting to show off your stock or smell the scent, make sure you don’t open the jar until you’re ready for a cannabis treat.

Whether you need to keep your weed fresh for a day or two, or several months, it’s important to limit exposure to air, light, heat, and humidity. A glass jar will protect your weed from these influences. It will also help hold your weed in place so that the crystallized buds don’t lose their resinous trichomes. The next time you bring home a sachet of weed, be sure to transfer your loot to pots, safely, so you can feast on a healthy dose of your favourite weed every time.

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