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How to remove the smell of smoking weed

By Dagga Seeds Jun29,2021

Marijuana smoke smells great, to some of us anyway. However, if you wish to smoke your weed in a non-stinky manner, it’s imperative to cover the scent. It’s hard to smell marijuana aromas occupying the room when you are baked and already accustomed to the smell. There are plenty of reasons why concealing the weed aroma can be the right move. Here, we provide a guide on how to do it like a pro. All of the following scenarios are based on indoor smoking sessions.


This is a no-brainer. Smoking cannabis under a good ventilation system will help to remove the weed smoke. The classic method is smoking under a kitchen vent and turning it up to the most powerful setting. Think of the kitchen vent as the mouth of the house, smoking your exhaled weed and spewing it out into the open air.

One could, of course, use the ancient ventilation system of simply opening the window and exhaling the smoke outside. This may not be desired in apartment buildings, however, where the smoke travels into neighbours’ homes. But it’s definitely worth considering.


Incense is a great way to cover the weed smell. Nag champa is a legendary variety that is used for meditative practices and to cover awkward aromas in the bathroom. There are plenty of different incense sticks to choose between; they come in almost every fragrance imaginable.

One thing to consider is that randomly lighting incense can be quite suspicious, especially when they’re rarely lit in that environment. The best way to approach this is to systematically light incense over a period of time. This will lower suspicions and cover the weed smell.



Air fresheners are advertised to cover unwanted toilet smells and to make taxis feel like limousines. However, they can also be used to cover the smell of weed. Just purchase whichever air freshener you like and spray it around the room once the smoke session is complete.

The previous warning also applies here; if you randomly spray air fresheners in your room, that’s considered suspicious behaviour. You could find a novelty weed-scented air freshener and simply blame the smell on that, making you, by definition, a smooth operator.

Burn Food

The previous methods are better than nothing, but they don’t completely remove the weed scents, which can be detected by a trained nose. To truly remove any weed aromas from the smoke spot, one should burn popcorn or cheese.

These two products are very often burnt, so the suspicion of burning hummus in a pot goes away. Burnt popcorn and cheese stay in the air for a while and smell strong, so make sure to use this as a last resort. Also consider that if you go overboard, it will trigger the fire alarm.



Simply place some coffee beans in a bowl and place a tea candle in the middle. The heat from the candle will release coffee aromas, which work great to cover light marijuana smells.

Coffee is often used to cover intense scents. In some perfume or soap stores, sales associates offer customers a small cup with coffee beans to make exploring the store bearable.


Vinegar has a very intense smell, which can help cover one’s weed-smoking endeavours. This technique is often used to kill any undesired smells present in the house. Simply pour some white vinegar into your saucepan, and let it simmer until the desired effect is reached. This method is great because, after a while, the vinegar smell will disappear together with your cannabis odour.

Hopefully, these tips will help remove the smell of smoking cannabis and the aroma lingering in the house. Something to consider is that marijuana smoke can penetrate walls and will stay there if significant amounts have been smoked. Therefore, it’s best to toke outdoors, or at least open the window if possible.

Another thing to understand is that weed smoke sticks to your clothes and hair, which can be eliminated only by washing. If you’re using a vaporizer, it minimizes the smell of weed and is slightly more healthy for you to boot.

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