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Buy cannabis seeds in Canada

Since legalization, adult Canadians can legally grow up to 4 cannabis seeds unless living in Manitoba or Quebec (Quebec is appealing the cultivation ban). Depending on the strain and the growing conditions, it can take months to grow a plant from cannabis seed to final harvest. With this investment in time, it only makes sense to invest in top-quality seeds bred in Canada. Dagga Seeds’ breeding staff have more than 40 years of cannabis seed breeding experience. If you want to buy fresh and quality seeds from proven genetics then buy from the Canadian breeding company Dagga Seeds.



Feminized cannabis seeds ensure that you will have female bud-producing plants under good growth conditions. This greatly enhances cannabis seed cultivation. As the technology for feminizing cannabis gets better, you can count on a 97% success rate for your female seeds. With good genetics and a top-notch breeding program, you can count on superior cannabinoid/terpene levels, increased yields, and better-quality consumable products.

Thanks to growing our seeds here in Canada with no middlemen you can now buy feminized cannabis seeds of original cannabis cup-winning strains here in Canada. These feminized seeds are grown locally in Canada with a team that has been fully trained in Cannabis breeding. All our crossbreeding work is conducted strictly in Canada working with the best strain from all over the planet.



Dagga Seeds’ autoflowering cannabis seeds are known in Canada as some of the finest available. THC levels between 20-30% have been observed by independent growers. Autoflower cannabis seeds are popular in Canada, due to their speed and ease of growing. Canadian cannabis seed cultivators looking to get as much consumable product as possible from their 4-plant limit will find autoflower seeds the simple option.

They grow from seed to harvest usually in 9-11 weeks, meaning you can get 4 or 5 harvests per year. When grown in the proper conditions many auto growers get 100-200+ grams of buds per plant. If you are an outdoor cannabis grower you can also benefit from cultivating autoflower seeds. If you live in a colder part of Canada like Dagga Seeds then some photoperiod strains just aren’t ready when the weather turns cold. With our Autoflower seeds, you only need a few short weeks to harvest a bumper crop of buds.


Many traditional Canadian Cannabis growers prefer to grow from regular cannabis seeds. These seeds will produce a balance of 50% male and 50% female plants. Even though feminized seeds are more popular in canada, we still keep many regular cannabis strains on hand. These are for our own breeding purposes and to cater to growers who prefer growing with regular cannabis seeds. These regular cannabis seeds are often purchased by private breeders seeking premium genetics from which to breed their own strains.


Where to buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

The Canadian cannabis seed market is best served when it is supplied by local seed breeders producing award-winning strains right here in Canada. Grown here in professionally controlled breeding conditions, original strains and traditional award-winning genetics are fresh and germinate easily. These seeds are grown and distributed throughout Canada from our local facility.

Canadian cannabis growers will be pleased to hear that Dagga seeds have some of the best prices available worldwide. We also have a free cannabis seed tester program for growers who are on a budget or those who want to help in our great Cannabis experiment. Keep checking our website to see when new Dagga Seeds autoflower seeds, feminized seeds and regular seeds are added to our tester program.


Thanks to recent legalization Canadian cannabis growers now enjoy one of the most civilized places to cultivate cannabis legally. Setup a good grow room and buying good seed genetics will ensure that your 4 plant limit won’t limit your yields. Remember that autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow quickly from seed to harvest but photoperiod seeds will give you heavier yields. If you only have a short time to grow your crop then autoflowering seeds allow rapid 10-11 week indoor grow cycles.

With provincial limits to the number of cannabis plants that Canadians are permitted to grow it makes sense to buy local high-quality cannabis seeds that won’t disappoint. Dagga Seeds is honored to be part of the evolution of Canadian cannabis genetics and culture!

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