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Cannabis Trichomes a Complete Guide


You might be trying to understand what cannabis trichomes are when it comes to weed. For example, what exactly are they? And how do you consume them? Knowing more about trichomes can help you make better-informed decisions about how you can optimize your consumption of marijuana. Today, you will learn about the basics of consuming trichomes. Keep reading to learn why the cannabis community likes them and how they work with the cannabis plant.

What Are Cannabis Trichomes?

This substance comes from the resin glands of cannabis. When the trichomes are extracted from the cannabis plant, the terpenes are preserved. These oils give the cannabis plant its distinct smell and taste. With some strains that have THC, the trichomes are concentrated and can make you high.

Role of the Trichomes
Cannabinoids, such as THC, are found in three types of trichomes. These are:

  • Capitate Sessile
  • Bulbous
  • Capitate-Stalked

The bulbous trichomes are on the surface of the whole marijuana plant. However, they are so small that it is impossible to see them without using a microscope. They are only about 10 to 15 micrometres long. To compare, human hair is about 40 to 50 micrometres long.

The next largest type is capitate sessile trichomes. These are a little bit bigger than bulbous ones, and there are more of these on the plant. The capitate sessile trichomes have a stalk and head shape.

However, the most common type is capitate-stalked trichomes. These can be anywhere from 50 to 100 micrometres long. That means that you can see them without a microscope.

Scientists have found that the trichomes create terpenes and other cannabinoids. The trichomes grow from the calyx’s body. When you smoke a cannabis bud, it also has pistils in it. These are double strands of hair, growing from the calyx. This allows the flowers to be produced.

Think of trichomes as the plant’s sunscreen. They protect the cannabis plant against the harmful UV rays from the sun. They also protect the plant against low humidity and high winds.

Using Trichomes

Trichomes can be a great recreational form of marijuana, but they will not be useful to you unless you decarboxylate them first. That might sound like a big word, but it is fairly simple. It just means that you are heating up the trichomes. Using dry marijuana is important. But you also need to apply more heat than what nature is able to provide.

Artificial heat will work well. When the bud reaches a certain temperature, a chemical reaction will happen. The carboxyl molecule (COOH) will separate from the other chemicals in the substance. This turns the useless THCA into the more useful THC.

One way that you can do this process is by placing the cannabis in an oven that is around 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it in there for around 35 minutes. You then can add cannabis to a smoothie or baked goods.


However, if you want to cut out this step, you should consider smoking it instead. By burning it, you will automatically decarboxylate it. Of course, marijuana is destroyed by doing this, but that is not the point of it. The point is changing the cannabis into gas that can be inhaled and has the effects that you want. Vaporizing it will decarboxylate it and preserve the trichomes and terpenes at the same time.

Testing your Trichomes
Before you use them, you will want to look at your weed. That way, you can make sure there is no mould or other undesirable things on it.

Vaping devices allow you to heat the material, or decarboxylate it, so the cannabinoids in the trichome melt and become vapour for you to inhale. Many people prefer this method over smoking. This is because vaping has lower temperatures than smoking. That way, the molecules will not be broken down and oxidized into different forms.

When the trichomes have been decarboxylated into a better substance, the vapour can be inhaled. This allows it to enter your bloodstream and then be transported throughout your entire body. This happens without combustion, allowing you to use it discreetly in public.

Use a vaporizer pen, which is a popular way to take trichome resin when you are using the flower. It is also a good way to use the concentrated form. You might choose to use a hash pipe that is made from metal, glass, or wood. It usually has a smaller bowl than a typical pipe, and the whole thing is longer. It is bigger because it helps the smoke to cool before it goes into your lungs.

However, there is no right way to smoke this type of marijuana. You can choose whichever one works best for you. You might want to do a bit of experimentation before you choose your preferred method. You can use any normal pipe that is designed for cannabis. Make sure that you choose one that has been designed for marijuana and not for tobacco.

Usually, it will take more heat to use hash than for cannabis flowers. Using a lighter to warm the hash before igniting it can give it just the right amount of heat. That way, the cannabinoids there will be activated. If you like, you can also cut up or crumble pieces of hash and mix them with the regular flowers. That will give it a bit of an extra kick.

Trichomes create a sticky, gooey resin on ganja. This protects the cannabis plant from animals, sun, and insects while it is growing. You will want to consume trichomes if you can because this is where the plant’s recreational fun and medical compounds, such as terpenes, CBD, and THC, are found.

You can use trichomes by dabbing, vaping, taking a tincture, or just smoking them. The right method for you will depend on your individual preferences, so try doing a bit of experimentation before settling on one method. Or you can choose to do one method one day and another method at a different time.

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