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Difference between male and female weed seeds

By Dagga Seeds Jan4,2022

Plants, like animals, have male and female varieties. The male plants produce pollen that pollinate the flowers of female plants. Pollinated flowers produce seeds. Marijuana or weed plants are either male or female.

Female marijuana weed plants that have not been pollinated are called “sinsemilla” or “seedless”. The plant’s buds (flowers) are allowed to mature through growing to develop the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Weed seeds and plants are grown for this chemical. Since it is only produced by female weed seeds, breeders only cultivate male weed seeds, otherwise they will be harvested early to prevent pollination of the female weed plants.

The sex of the male weed seeds or plants can be determined days before the female weed seeds or plants that are germinated with the same batch. This is great for growers cultivating regular cannabis seeds because male weed seeds or plants should be chopped and destroyed before they can pollinate and block the light from your female seeds or plants.


Growing Characteristics

Male weed seeds or plants grow vertically and do not have as many branches and leaves as female weed plants. This makes them appear frail and easy to topple. Instead of flowers, they develop small buds that look like balls. These characteristically typical growths usually appear between the internodes of the main stem of the cannabis plant. This manifests itself at the beginning of the development of a male weed seed or a plant’s sexual identity.

When female weed seeds or plants start to bloom, a lot of hairs will develop at the end of their branches. These hairs will not show up on male plants unless it is a hermaphrodite. Female weed seeds or plants also develop V-shaped pistils during the flowering stage.

Some weed plants that you grow may develop both female and male sexual organs. These are called hermaphrodites or “Hermitage”. Hermaphrodite female cannabis plants are those that develop staminate flowers or flowers that have stamens instead of pistils.

Hermaphrodite male weed seeds are not very common as they are not allowed to grow to their point of maturity when the pistil shows. It is important to watch out for hermaphrodites as they can give off pollen that can destroy crops.

They can pollinate just like the other female weed plants. They tend to pass their sexual predispositions on to their offspring so that they are best exterminated. The sex of weed plants can be influenced by many factors. Environmental conditions, the age of weed seeds, lunar stages and chemicals are known to influence the sex of plants.



  1. Female weed seeds that mature into plants will produce THC, while male weed plants do not produce any.
  2. Female weed seeds that mature into plants produce buds, while male weed plants produce small balls that open when mature to release millions of pollen particles.
  3. Flowering weed plants grown from female weed seeds develop V-shaped pistils during the start of their flowering phase, while male weed plants do not.
  4. Hair like structures appear on the female weed plants that are absent from male weed plants.

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