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Help Choosing the Best type of Weed Pipe


Smoking is an ancient method of consuming marijuana and other substances smoked out of a pipe. People smoke marijuana using all sorts of weed pipes. Smoking weed is the fastest way to consume and get high. Below you’ll find a list of information on materials and weed pipes. The list below will discuss the basics of each pipe. Also tips on how to clean and maintain your weed pipes at the end.

Weed Pipe Materials

  • Glass: Most any kind of smoking pipe can be made out of glass. Glass is usually one of the better materials for a pipe because it’s non-porous and can be cleaned completely.
  • Metal: Typically made from anodized aluminum, steel, brass and nickel plated brass.
  • Ceramic: Are non-organic hard solid materials that are strong but brittle under tension. Also a great thermal insulator usually withstanding temperatures ranging from (0 °F – 3,000 °F). Ceramic can withstand decay form corrosive chemicals.
  • Wood: pipes that are cut / shaped from wood from a tree.
  • Stone: pipes cut from a range of different stone.

Different Types of Weed Pipes Available

Type of Weed PipeMain Use
Bowl/SpoonCommon hand pipe, holds a larger amount of cannabis than a one-hitter
GandalfLong-stemmed pipe with a relatively small but deep bowl
SherlockStandard-sized bowl with a curved stem, delivers a cooler hit
BubblerCombines ease of use of a regular bowl pipe with smoother smoking experience of a bong
Steam RollerDesigned for quick clearing of hits with little effort, delivers hard hits
BongFiltration device for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or herbal substances
Oil Rig/Dab RigSpecifically designed for use with oils, waxes, dabs, and concentrates
FoldablePortable pipe that folds up for discreet smoking
One HitterDesigned for a single draw or hit of cannabis
ChillumSimple glass smoking pipe without a carb hole, easy to use and portable
PinchieSmall pipe designed to hold a small amount of cannabis
StealthPipes disguised as ordinary objects for discreet smoking
HookahMulti-stemmed instrument for smoking flavored tobacco, cannabis, or hashish
SebsiTraditional smoking pipe used in North Africa for smoking cannabis
VaporizerHeats cannabis to convert it into smooth vapor for inhalation

Bowl Weed Pipe/Spoon Weed Pipe

A bowl weed pipe is a small hand pipe usually made from glass. Holds a larger amount of cannabis than a pinchie also one of the most widely used tools in smoking.

This pipe is the most common type of glass pipe, is usually the first pipe of many tokers. It’s a good chance you’ve seen a spoon pipe before even if you didn’t know what it was. The pipe is aptly named after its kitchen spoon shape.

The spoon pipe consists of the bowl portion (this is where the cannabis goes). A carb(hole in the side of the bowl) lets you release the smoke that builds up in the pipe chamber. A stem that is usually tapered, and a mouthpiece that usually tapers back out.

Bowl weed Pipe Vs Bowl Weed Pipe
The terms spoon pipe and bowl are often used interchangeably so many people are confused about the difference or if they are really the same thing.

A spoon weed pipe indicates a specific pipe shape, but bowls are a more commonly used term for basically any dry herb piece. All spoon pipes are bowl pipes, but not all bowl pipes are spoon pipes. The term bowl is also commonly used to describe the bowl portion of a bong.


Gandalf Weed Pipe

You don’t have to get in character for your Lord of the Rings cosplay to smoke a Gandalf pipe. In fact, why not bring Middle Earth right into your own living room. If you’re looking for a piece that even the grey wizard himself would happily light up after slaying a few enemies, look no further than a Gandalf pipe.

If you’ve never seen the movie Lord of the Rings, you might have no idea what a Gandalf Pipe is. Think of a long-stemmed pipe with a relatively small but deep bowl. Hold one and you’ll probably see why a literary wizard might enjoy having a bowl. They’re most commonly wood, although glass Gandalf weed pipes are also very common. So get in touch with your inner wizard without getting too baked!

Sherlock Weed Pipe

It’s elementary, my dear Watson…

The design of the Sherlock weed pipe is what sets it apart from the rest.

This pipe features a standard-sized bowl with a curved stem that arches upwards to connect to the mouthpiece. It may have a carb hole to help control the pipe’s airflow. The size varies and will determine portability as well as the harshness of the smoke. The steeper the curve, the cooler the smoke will be.

Some Sherlock pipes have a flat base that allows users to stand them up when not in use. This can also be useful if you are looking to show off your collection of cannabis pipes.

Way before Sherlock Holmes came along smoking his now-famous arched pipe, these pipes were called Billiards. These pipes were a favourite to smoke among English Royalty.

The Sherlock pipe delivers a slightly cooler hit as opposed to the chillum or the spoon.


Bubbler Weed Pipe

What Is a Bubbler Weed Pipe? A bubbler water pipe is a unique way of smoking cannabis herbs. It is a famous, widely used marijuana pipe. It looks like a miniature bong, bubbler water pipes feature a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece as well as a bottom chamber that holds water for the smoke to filter through. This cools the smoke en route, making your hit much smoother. Some types of bubbler pipes come with a percolator. This is an extra water chamber that helps in the smoke cooling process. Some also come with display carb holes, which allow for faster clearing of the smoke.

A bubbler water pipe combines the ease of use and convenience of a regular bowl pipe with the smoother smoking experience of a bong. It is easy to handle which makes it ideal for a new smoker who may not be familiar with smoking a bong.

Cons of a Bubble Pipe – Perhaps the worst part of a bubble water pipe is that it cannot be cleaned as easily as a bong. This is because it is made from one solid piece of glass that can’t be taken apart. A bubbler pipe has a similar bowl piece to a bong and usually will burn faster.

Steam Roller Weed Pipe

Glass Steam Roller weed pipes are held horizontally with the carb hole being on the other end of the pipe. When hitting your finger is over the carb hole drawing smoke into the chamber making the smoke roll in the chamber till your ready release your finger and inhaling to clear the chamber.

A steamroller pipe is a unique dry hand pipe designed to quickly clear hits with little effort. Perfect for group seshes and sharing with friends!

The traditional dry herb design has the two open ends as normal, and the bowl is often just an indent into the piece near the carb end. Most bowls are relatively small, but tokers won’t need a lot of herb for a hard hit. Steamrollers are well known for the hard hits they can give you!


Bongs are a water weed pipe with a big water chamber. Bongs come in many shapes and sizes, they are mostly made out of borosilicate glass but a ton of materials can also be used.

A bong is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.

In design and functionality, a bong is somewhat similar to a hookah, except smaller and more portable. To get fresh air into the bong and harvest the last remaining smoke, a hole is known as the “carb,” “choke,” “bink,” “hole,” somewhere on the bottom part of the bong above the water level, is first covered during the smoking process, then uncovered to allow the smoke to be drawn into the lungs. On bongs without a carb hole, the bowl and/or the stem are removable to allow air to be drawn from the hole that holds the stem.

Oil rig/ Dab rig

Similar to a bong but instead of a bowl & slide it will have a metal or glass nail. Most also have a glass dome around the nail to help keep smoke from escaping when having a Dab.

Specifically designed for use with oils, waxes, dabs, and cannabis concentrates use. Dab rigs are typically smaller and more portable than most bongs and favors more airflow and less filtration. That is because cannabis concentrates do not need as much filtering as the harsher combustible material smoke. Dab rigs are constructed to maximize the taste of your dabs and do a better job at it than bongs.

Consider the height between the joint or dab nail and the mouthpiece, they will vary, and don’t forget the nail element will be extremely hot. Finally – choose the style of dab rig that suits your lifestyle.


Foldable Weed Pipe

A Foldable weed pipe is simply a pipe that folds up into a smaller footprint and in turn, makes it more portable.

When it comes to smoking discreetly, the Foldable Pipe may be able to help.

One Hitter Weed Pipe

Also called onesies, they are good for one hit of Cannabis. If a one-hit ain’t good enough you might want something a little bigger move up to a Pinchie.

It has a narrow bowl that is designed and used for a single draw or one hit. It typically holds about 25 milligrams of marijuana (one hit). Although you may be most familiar with the one-hitter that looks like a cigarette, there are actually a few different glass styles of one-hitter pipes.


​Chillums Weed Pipe

A chillum is a glass smoking pipe with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl on the opposite. Unlike spoons and bubblers, chillums generally don’t have a carb hole or choke. They can be made from various materials such as stone, glass, and wood. Weed Chillums are easy to use and portable and have been in use since the 18th century. Chillums were originally smoked by Hindu monks in India, but they have now spread across the world.

Pinchie Weed Pipe

A small weed pipe. Usually looks like a short cylinder and is said to hold a “pinch” of whatever you want to hit. Smaller than a bowl but bigger than a one-hitter.


Stealth weed pipes

Pipes that look like ordinary objects but can be easily turned into a pipe for smoking cannabis. They are not the typical pipe used to consume cannabis since most are poorly made. If you are thinking of this pipe as a gift then it may just be a pipe to look at rather than a pipe for everyday use.


The hookah was invented by Abu’l-Fath Gilani, a Persian doctor of Akbar. The hookah spread from India to Persia first, where the mechanism was modified to its current basic design.

It is a single- or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and then smoking either tobacco, cannabis, or hashish. The smoke is passed through water in the base often glass-based, before inhaling.

Hookahs are most often used to smoke flavoured tobacco but can be used to smoke marijuana or hash.


Sebsi Pipe

The sebsi pipe, also known as a sebsi or sebsia, is a traditional smoking pipe that is commonly used to smoke cannabis in North Africa, particularly in Morocco and Tunisia.

The sebsi pipe is made of wood and has a long, narrow stem and a small bowl at the end. The bowl is usually made of clay or metal and is removable for easy cleaning. The stem of the pipe is often decorated with intricate carvings and designs, making each sebsi pipe unique.

To use the sebsi pipe for smoking cannabis, the user first grinds the dried flowers into a fine powder and then packs it into the bowl of the pipe. The user then uses a small stick, called a makhmar, to tamp down the cannabis and create an even burn. The sebsi pipe is typically smoked in a group setting, with each person taking a puff and passing the pipe to the next person in the circle.

The sebsi pipe is an important cultural symbol in North Africa and is often used in social settings as a way to share cannabis and promote community bonding. However, it is worth noting that the use of cannabis, including through the sebsi pipe, is illegal in many countries and can come with serious legal consequences.

Weed Vaporizer

Vaporizers heat your favourite herbs or concentrated cannabis to the perfect temperature to convert your smoking materials into a smooth vapour to inhale.

The engineering behind a vaporizer is meant to heat up your herbs or concentrates just enough to enjoy the effects and flavours, but not enough to burn them. When combustion happens, carcinogens and other toxic chemicals are released that are unhealthy to tokers.

Vaporizer Shopping Tip

Usually, a vaporizer is designed for use with just one type of cannabis material. The activation and combustion point differs depending on dry herb, wax, and e-liquids. Check that the vape you are buying is suitable for the material you’re consuming. Some vaporizers can handle multiple different types of cannabis materials.


How to Clean a Weed Pipe

Keeping your pipe clean is very important, this will prevent mold & bacteria from building up and ensures that it doesn’t get clogged. Smoke shops sell specialized cleaners that work good but you can clean your pipe with household items by using:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Paper towels

Start by filling the pipe with alcohol and salt plug all the holes with your fingers, hold on tight and shake the pipe violently. repeat this process multiple times until clean. Once finished, rinse pipe with water inside and out, dry with a paper towel then it’s ready to use a freshly cleaned pipe.

FYI: The salt does not dissolve in the alcohol and acts like an abrasive to clean resin deposits off the glass.

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