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How To Transplant a Marijuana Plant Into a Bigger Pot

By Dagga Seeds Jun24,2021

When growing from marijuana seed in the third week of vegetative growth the cannabis grower may have to transplant a marijuana plant into a new larger container. Starting marijuana seeds in smaller containers has numerous advantages. However, your marijuana plant will outgrow its planting container requiring a larger container.

When transplanting a cannabis plant from a marijuana seed it’s important to do this activity before the flowering phase. Give the marijuana plant a week to recover from transplanting then it should be ready for the marijuana flowering phase.


Soil Preparation to Transplant a Marijuana Plant

Prepared soil in advance. The pot is about 2/3 full of soil. With a bowl made in the bottom about 4-5″ down slightly off-center.

Note: If you are using a soil mix with organic fertilizers, it MUST be prepared at least 7-10 days before using it (the time needed for the microfauna and flora to develop). Of course, if you just mix plain potting soil (pre-fertilized) with neutral additives like perlite, this is less important.

Use the handle of a spoon or knife to go around the edge of the pot to loosen the soil. The root should be extremely well developed by this point. Oftentimes roots become root-bound and are very easily removed from the container.

After you have gone around the plant entirely, turn the plant over using your hand to support the stem and soil coming out. Put the stem between your fingers and cover as much surface of the soil as you can.

In the bottom of your pot use the drain holes to push out the soil. Go around once and gently shake and lift the pot away from the soil.

Put the freed marijuana plant in the hole of the new container and gently push the soil around it.

Top it off will some more soil until it’s almost to the top and just give it a good spray to wet it down a bit.

It takes about 12 minutes from start to finish. You should start to see growth again in a few days.

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