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What Are Cannabis Moon Rocks? How to make your own

By Dagga Seeds Aug9,2021

Have you ever been so high that you’ve thought of heading to the emergency room?

If your answer is no, then you’ve probably never experienced the phenomena known as Moon Rocks.

Also known as the weed caviar (and for a good reason), Moon Rocks provide marijuana users with an entirely new experience of high. These wonderful creations can hit like a freight train but believe me, the experience is well worth it.

Moonrocks how to diagram

The Name ‘Moon Rocks’, Explained

While the name may imply a new breed of dank cannabis, Moon Rocks are actually some sort of a marijuana dream experiment instead. They were alleged to be first created by the dispensary Starbudz760 in coordination with the famous rapper Kurrupt. He popularized the new product and made his own version under the name ‘Kurrupt Moonrocks.’

More to the point, Moon Rocks are like a THC ravager — they’re essentially cannabis buds (originally Girl Scout Cookies was used) dipped in BHO oil, then coated in kief powder.

Although the potency of Moon Rocks changes between cannabis strains and who makes them, they average in at around 50% THC.

Moon Rocks: Similar Product, Different Names

If you have mastered the 420 vocabulary, then you also know that cannabis culture is full of different pet names for the most popular cannabis products and concepts.

Moon Rocks are no exception and are known by many names. One of the most famous, and perhaps most apt nicknames for these beautiful THC pills is Cannabis Caviar or Weed caviar.

What Are the Benefits of smoking Moon Rocks?

Along with being extremely fun to use, Moon Rocks have plenty of medicinal uses. Anyone who is afflicted with chronic pain, overwhelming stress, or severe inflammation, will get top-quality relief. To get the total benefits of Moon Rocks, one has to get through the smoking session first. Moon Rocks will hit you pretty hard and the smoke can very harsh to the throat.

What’s the buzz Like from Moon Rocks?

The whole user experience feels delectable, although the smoke tends to be harsh given the high levels of cannabinoids. When smoking Moon Rocks, you’re inhaling the whole gamut of flavors and aromas of the cannabis strain, BHO oil, and kief.

When it comes to the THC high, it starts with a fast-hitting head rush, eventually, it will creep down your whole body to relax you completely. After a half-hour, it may feel as if the buzz will wear off soon but it lingers for quite some time. Prepare yourself to be out of commission for at least a few hours.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Your Own Moon Rocks

Here’s how to make your own Moon Rocks at home with this simple recipe. Once you have everything you need and all the ingredients, it only takes some patience.

Here’s what you need to make Moon Rocks:


  • Your favorite buds of Cannabis
  • Your favorite BHO oil (Hash Oil / D9 Distillate)
  • A generous amount of kief
  • A pair of tongs for handling buds
  • A dropper to apply oil


  • Pick the finest buds of your dankest strain of Cannabis. Use denser cannabis nugs to hold more kief and oil together.
    Prepare your BHO oil. If it’s too thick, heat it up with warm water to the desired viscosity.
  • Use the dropper to completely cover your marijuana bud in the BHO oil.
  • Pick up the cannabis bud with your tongs and dip it in kief until the entire bud is covered in goodness
    Repeat the whole process with the remaining cannabis buds.
  • Place your Moon Rocks to cool on a rack and dry before consuming.

Smart Tips For Using Moon Rocks

As we already mentioned, Moon Rocks are not for newbs, but if you must try them, here’s a couple of pro hacks to make your journey as smooth as possible:

It is recommended to use glassware to consume your Moon Rocks. Attempting to roll them in a joint will cause too much waste and they are not cheap to produce. When aiming to get super-duper high, consider using Moon Rocks as a topper to your flower.

Don’t smoke Moon Rocks when you have made important plans for your day. These mystical buds are so strong that they’ll likely keep you zombified for the whole day — not literally, but still. Toking Moon Rocks can also give you a wicked case of the cottonmouth, so grab your favorite drink and keep it close, during your session. Oh, and have snacks on hand before you start, a trip to the store may be impossible once you start.

Choose a comfortable place to enjoy your cannabis Moon Rocks to the fullest. Kick back and relax to a buzz the likes of which you may never enjoyed before.

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