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What Is Kush?

By Dagga Seeds Feb13,2022

What Is Kush Weed?

Most weed cultivars are classified according to their shape and structure. You will hear cannabis growers talk about Sativa plants, Indica plants, Hybrid, and of course the favourite of cold climates autoflower (ruderalis). There are many other ways to categorize cannabis with flavours, aromas, region of origin, etc.

In the new era of weed growing, Haze, Purple, and Kush are three of the most popular types of seeds we carry at Dagga Seeds. In this reference guide, we will explain our most popular variety of cannabis, Kush.

We answer questions such as:

  1. What is Kush? A brief History
  2. Where did it come from?
  3. And where did it get its name?

Let’s take a look.

A Brief History of Kush Weed

Kush is our most popular seed category, and this is also reflected in the worldwide cannabis seed market. They have won tons of awards, routinely scooping up the coveted Cannabis Cup top prize. If you’re a serious weed grower/user, you’ve definitely experienced or sampled a Kush strain. Whether it is Purple Kush, Master Kush, Death Bubba, or the legendary OG Kush.

Kush genetics have ruled the Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana seed scene for a while. Their genetics have been traced to the mountains of the Hindu Kush region. It has been cultivated for decades along the border of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. To be more accurate it is located North of Kashmir and Jammu, a bitterly disputed zone.

This region is known for its fertile soil and ideal growing conditions which made it ideal for the evolution of such a potent type of marijuana. It may not be the region producing the best kush today, that distinction has moved to the west. Its heritage however is what new breeders count on to introduce top growing characteristics into their new strains.

Pure Hindu Kush weed is a landrace strain meaning it has never crossed with any other strain and evolved in its natural environment. Breeders count on landrace genetics in their new strains to keep them stable and to add vigour to their growing traits. Some of the most successful strains sold in dispensaries today get their traits from pure kush strains. You may have heard of the most common kush hybrids, Master Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush. Some of the less known kush genetics are found in strains such as White Widow and AK-47 which are also grandchildren of Hindu Kush.

How Kush came to the rest of the world.

The journey of Kush marijuana to North America and Europe was done through the legendary Hippie Trail during the ’60s and ’70s. Marijuana enthusiasts went from Europe to Nepal, Pakistan and India to enjoy the local cannabis culture and products. They returned home with many marijuana products and of course some Hindu Kush seeds.

The ruler of Afghanistan during the hippie years was Mohammed Zahir Shah, a ‘cannabis-friendly’ monarch. However, his rule was interrupted when he was overthrown by his own cousin, Mohammed Daoud Khan. Khan outlawed marijuana after bending to pressure from the American President, Richard Nixon. The country has been in shambles since the late 70s and shows no signs of a return to a friendly place to visit.

As a result, it is much harder to bring original genetics Hindu Kush seeds to Canada, the US and Europe, but enough had already made it here for the seeds to be easily available.

As Indica strains have a more diverse use in the medicinal marijuana market, the introduction of Kush marijuana varieties made a huge impact on a market dominated by Sativa strains. Their versatility has cemented their place in the future of marijuana as a medicine. They are also much faster at flowering and introduced a complete change in the cannabis growing methodology. Breeders were now capable of growing more marijuana than ever before and it was now also possible to grow in colder climates of Canada.

What Special Traits Does Kush Marijuana Possess?

Let’s examine the effects of Kush when trying it for the first time.


Kush weed is undoubtedly an Indica strain, which means you can expect a more relaxing and body sedating experience. You’ll likely feel happy as well; however, you may remain in a state of couch-lock for several hours. Kush marijuana is also described as smooth when smoking with a rewarding taste and aftertaste that is unique to this type of cannabis.

Pink Kush – an OG kush Pheno

Appearance and Grow Info

When growing a Kush seed, expect the plant to have dark green leaves and colas, with hints of purple, especially in the leaf stalks. During harvest, the weed will turn bronze and orange when its pistils change colour.

The plants typically grow short and wide with dense, chunky buds that are very durable to harsh weather. This hardiness makes it ideal for the new cannabis grower, forgiving and recovering fast from most newbie growing mistakes.

Kush varieties are also a popular choice for cross-breeding with unstable hybrid strains that deliver new and unique flavour profiles. Pure kush strains are a landrace variety. Their genetics ensure that offspring are naturally resistant to colder climates and can survive on less water. The stealthy shortness of Kush strains and their large yields are why most growers seek out this type of cannabis, but its effects and flavours keep them coming back.

Final Thoughts

We should all be amazed at how lucky the world was to have the Hippie Trail during the ’60s and’70s. It was those pot pioneers who introduced the Hindu Kush strain and its seeds to Europe and eventually the entire world. If it had to be repeated today, I doubt it would happen with the area being in such turmoil, and the fields of cannabis now in the control of who knows. Cannabis today is mostly grown locally with seeds bred from those original genetics.

Kush strains will be forever a grower’s favourite, earning a spot in marijuana folklore. There are hundreds of strains that have genetics from the mountains of Afghanistan, more specifically the Hindu Kush region.

As you may already know after reading this, Kush plants have specific growing characteristics and flavour profiles that can’t be surpassed. They are among the most popular strains growing in closets everywhere. The legendary OG Kush is probably the most awarded and grown in the marijuana community. High Times readers voted this kush strain the best of all time. Below you will find strains from Dagga Seeds that have some kush genetics and are easy to grow.

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