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10 of the Best Games to Play High

By Dagga Seeds Aug14,2023

Looking to elevate your smoke sesh and add a modern twist to your stoner gatherings? We’ve got the ultimate list of stoner-approved games that will take your high times to the next level. Whether you’re flying solo or sharing the experience with friends, these games are the perfect way to infuse fun, competition, and creativity into your sessions. Get ready for a unique blend of laughter, challenge, and unforgettable memories!

1. Lungs – The Classic Start with the classic stoner game, “Lungs.” Gather your friends and take a hit, passing the smoke around in a circle. The catch? Hold that hit in until the joint comes back around to you! The first one to exhale or cough faces a creative penalty or perhaps loses a turn. Best suited for smaller groups to keep the fun and safety in check.

2. GTA 5 – High-Octane Adventure Unleash your inner gamer with Grand Theft Auto 5. This action-packed game becomes an exhilarating experience when combined with the effects of your favorite strain. Embark on missions with friends or rotate players while others enjoy the show. For the ultimate experience, dive into the world of “mods” if playing on a PC, allowing endless customization and excitement.


3. Get Musical – Stoner Jam Session Embrace your musical side with “Get Musical.” Form a stoner band with your friends, each person taking on a makeshift “instrument.” Keep the tune going, but if laughter breaks out, there’s a penalty! The lead singer and bandmates must maintain the correct tune of the chosen song. Penalty ideas range from rolling the next joint to performing a designated task for the group.

4. Poker Face (for Stoners) – Hilarious Challenges Prepare for a hilarious challenge with “Poker Face.” Wait until you’re sufficiently elevated, then lock eyes with your friends and see who can keep a straight face the longest. The first to crack faces a penalty, which could be anything from power smoking a joint to performing a chore for the group. Just remember, no cooking during the game – safety first!

5. Weed Pong – Elevated Competition Upgrade a classic college game with “Weed Pong.” Stand at opposite ends of a table, aiming to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup at the other side. The reward for success? A refreshing glass of beer or, even better, a well-earned joint! Alternatively, the loser may face a predetermined penalty, like forfeiting a draw on the joint.

6. Fortnite – High-Powered Action Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Fortnite, an epic game that becomes even more thrilling when you’re high. Play with friends or go it alone, battling to be the last one standing in a rapidly shrinking map. The winner gets a reward, perhaps a personal joint or another prize of your choosing. Gear up and aim for victory!

7. Pokemon Go – Real-World Adventure Rediscover the magic of Pokemon Go while enjoying your favorite strain. Explore your surroundings, catch digital companions, and embark on an augmented reality adventure. Keep in mind, though, you’re high, so stay away from traffic and enjoy the thrill of the hunt in a safe environment.


8. Never Have I Ever – Stoner Edition Put a stoner twist on the classic game “Never Have I Ever.” Gather in a circle, taking turns making statements about things you’ve never done. Those who have done it put down a finger, and the game continues. If no one admits to doing the action, the person who made the statement smokes a joint and changes the challenge.


9. Movie Time – Relaxed Vibes For those laid-back moments, nothing beats “Movie Time.” Select a stoner movie like Pineapple Express or Dazed and Confused, or choose any film and create fun rules. Light up a joint every time a character does or take cues from the movie’s action. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be one relaxed and elevated group of friends.

10. Ape Out – Solo Adventure If you’re looking for a thrilling solo experience, Ape Out is the game for you. Control an ape navigating a maze while dodging enemies. Use human shields for protection or unleash destruction – the choice is yours. The maze layout changes each time you play, ensuring a dynamic and energetic session fueled by your elevated state..

Remember, variety is the spice of life. Prepare a selection of these modern stoner games to keep the good times rolling. And if you want to ensure a continuous supply of top-notch herb, why not try growing your own? A Pot for Pot’s Complete Grow Kits provide everything you need for an abundant harvest, ensuring your stoner parties are always a hit.

Play, laugh, and elevate the fun with these stoner-approved games. Just remember to balance the high life with the essentials of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

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