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Differences between vaping and smoking cannabis

By Dagga Seeds Nov20,2021

Vaporizing cannabis, or “vaping” in the vernacular, is a method of consumption that has gained much popularity in recent years, but what exactly is cannabis vaping? Are vaporizers really safer than smoking? What are the differences between vaping and smoking cannabis? We are here to make you wiser when you choose the cannabis vaping method that best suits you.
In recent years, awareness of the virtues of the cannabis plant and its consumption has increased, and with it the awareness of the harms of smoking. More and more movements, associations and government bodies are struggling with the harms of smoking. Whether in advertisements, in rehab centers and smoking cessation treatments or in raising taxes on tobacco.

Although the cannabis plant is healthy and has healing properties, its consumption in the form of smoking eliminates its virtues and does more harm than good. So how can we still continue to consume our favourite cannabis regularly, without baking cookies every day or blackening our lungs with smoke?

Smokers tend to develop more respiratory infections and diseases such as asthma or bronchitis, but it is the inhalation of smoke that causes it, rather than the cannabinoids. One of the first studies comparing cannabis smoking to vaporization of cannabis indicated a significant reduction in side effects and respiratory diseases in vaporization versus smoking, based on user reports.

We live in a revolutionary age of modernization that is evolving at any time, so far we have witnessed dozens of technological inventions that have changed our lives, including in the world of smoking.

The e-cigarette ( E-Cigarette ) was first invented in 2003. The realization that a substance can be inhaled without heating it to a combustion temperature, but vaping it, has changed the face of history. Later, the compact and discreet vaporizer was also invented, which also made it possible to consume herbs and cannabis.

What is Vaping anyway?

Basically, vaping cannabis is heating cannabis without burning the substance. The vaping temperature ranges from 155-215 °C or higher when the substance being vaped reaches a boiling point. The fumes are usually extracted from extracts or cannabis buds.

The heat stimulates the active ingredients to produce a vapour that is released into the air through a thin mist-like smoke. Since no combustion of the material occurs, no real smoke is formed.


What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electrical device that makes steam from plant material. A vaporizer is powered by an electric battery and a coil, which together form an electrical circuit that is activated when inhalation is detected from the device’s mouthpiece or with the power button. Once the electrical circuit is closed, the heating element heats up, heating the material with it to a high temperature until it becomes vapour.

Vaporizers are more expensive than a bong, but there is a reason why more and more people are choosing to use dedicated cannabis vaporizers.

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are countless options: besides rolling a joint, there is a variety of bongs and cool pipes, and of course, you can also bake with it, cook it, or add it to drinks and foods using oil or extracts. However, many doctors believe that vaping cannabis is the best way to consume cannabis.

Some of the models have even been approved as medical devices in countries where there is legalization, such as Canada or Uruguay. In addition to the health benefits, it seems that patients also prefer to consume their medicine through vaping.

And what do researchers have to say on the subject?

Can cannabis vaping really reduce the ingestion of toxins that can be harmful to our health?

Although not many studies have been conducted specifically regarding the vaping of cannabis, studies over the years have shown that the vaping action produces significantly less carcinogenic compounds than smoking since it involves heating the material without combustion. Although cannabis smoke is considered much less toxic than cigarette smoke, inhalation of all types of smoke is not recommended.

Ignition of cannabis causes the production of carcinogens such as ‘carcinogen’, tar or ammonia which may stimulate the lungs to develop diseases such as ‘chronic bronchitis’.

Vaporizers are primarily designed to overcome this problem. By heating the flower at a lower temperature, vapours are created that can be inhaled and still contain all the active medicinal substances (cannabinoids), but without harmful side effects. Vaping of cannabis is supposed to filter about 95% of the smoke inhaled, and vaping has been proposed to increase the production of anti-inflammatory terpenes that protects the lungs from irritation.

Are there any disadvantages to Vaping?

The disadvantages are mainly related to the assembly of the vaporizer, the preparation of the cannabis (as with a Joint or Bong – it should be ground), and the cleaning required after each use. Of course, another disadvantage is the price of a quality vaporizer, which is about $200 or more, depending on the quality and branding of the device.

Apart from the price (which many claims are a worthwhile investment) and regular maintenance of the device, which does not exceed the maintenance of a bong or pipe, no significant disadvantages were found in vaporizers over smoking or any other method of consumption.


Here are 6 reasons why you should start vaping weed

  1. Healthier in the long run:

While many cannabis advocates argue that smoking weed (only weed, without tobacco) can not lead to the development of lung cancer, and may even contribute to its prevention, it is no secret that smoking is not the healthiest action in the world.

All types of smoke contain gases and particles that can cause lung irritation and breathing problems. In fact, more than 100 types of toxins and compounds are released when an organic substance is burned, and the long-term health consequences of this can be troubling.

  1. Enjoy the Effects faster:

Although many patients choose to consume cannabis through eating (edibles), there are disagreements when it comes to dosage. It is known that cannabis is absorbed much more slowly through the stomach than through the lungs, which causes its effect to sometimes linger for hours. What’s more, the absorption is uniform, since cannabinoids are the first to be filtered by the liver before entering the bloodstream, which makes it difficult for us to control the dose.

In contrast, cannabinoids are absorbed healthily within seconds, allowing for almost immediate relief when cannabis fumes are consumed by inhalation. Vaporizers also allow for better dose control, as it is easy to stop inhaling once we have achieved the desired degree of effect.

  1. More economical:

As we said before, buying a quality device is an initial investment, but in the long run, the vaping method is the most economical in the material. Compared to other common methods, a smaller amount of cannabis is required to achieve the same effect. Vaping is the most effective method when it comes to material savings. More than smoking, eating or extracting.

  1. The most discreet:

The smell of cannabis is still noticeable, but the vaping method creates much less interest and stench.

  1. Less side effects:

In a satisfaction survey conducted among medical cannabis users, vaporizers are ranked in first place in terms of side effects. Although the study did not examine specific side effects, the majority testified that they were able to produce a clearer and more focused “euphoric” feeling, as no smoke was consumed by inhalation.

  1. The taste of the flowers is more noticeable:

Some say that vaping cannabis is reminiscent of the taste and smell of popcorn, probably one that is gradually heated to crispiness. Many argue that when vaping cannabis you can taste the cannabis flowers more clearly (this is how it feels when you inhale only cannabis and not carcinogenic toxins).

So these are the reasons why vaping is better than smoking cannabis, but of course, everyone reacts differently to different methods, so vaporizers may not be ideal for everyone. Ultimately, consulting with professionals, reading articles and trial and error are the ways to find out which method of consumption is the most healthy and right for you.

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