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How long do Drugs stay in our Bodies?

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You smoked something a few days or weeks ago, and now you are facing a drug test. How long do drugs stay in our bodies? What is the risk that you won’t pass the drug test? We have compiled for you a short guide of different drugs and the times when they leave the body systems. Also, note where cannabis is located relative to the rest.

DRUGHow Long in Urine Samples How Long in Blood Samples
AlcoholUrine: 3-5 daysBlood: 10-12 days.
AmphetaminesUrine: 1-3 daysBlood: 12 Hours.
Cocaine Urine: 3-4 days. Blood: 1-2 days.
Heroin Urine: 3-4 days. Blood: up to 12 hours.
LSDUrine: 1-3 days.Blood: 2-3 hours.
MDMAUrine: 3-4 days. Blood: 1-2 days.
 MethUrine: 3-6 days. Blood: 24-36 hours.
MorphineUrine: 2-3 days. Blood: 6-8 hours.
BarbituratesUrine: 2-4 days. Blood: 1-2 days.
Cannabis Urine: 7-30 days. Blood: About two weeks.

As you can see, cannabis is far beyond any other drug in terms of the time it takes to get out of the body’s circulatory systems. A person may not smoke at all even for two to three weeks and still fail the test just like one who took Cannabis a moment before the test. In practice, drug testing is aimed solely against cannabis, because any other type of drug leaves the system within a few days, regardless of the intensity of use.

Urine Tests to determine how long drugs stay in our Bodies

A study back in the 1980s found that cannabis remnants can stay in the blood for up to 4 days in casual users, and up to 10 days in frequent users. We now know that in some cases it can linger for up to two months, it mainly depends on each person’s metabolic rate. This phenomenon should be considered when talking about future laws of cannabis and driving, and remember – when you say “drug test” you actually mean “cannabis test”. It should be noted that even today, the police have not yet found a final solution to testing drivers for THC from cannabis.

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