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Guide: How to Stop Coughing So Hard from Weed


Even if you are a newb to smoking cannabis, you probably don’t want to look like an amateur. And nothing makes you look more like a newbie than coughing your head off every time you take a hit. Does your face turn red, and your eyes water? Do you have trouble holding in the smoke without coughing? Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stop coughing and look like a pro.

How to Properly Inhale

To get the best effects slowly draw your smoke into your lungs until you cannot take in any more. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose. Now, hold it for a few moments to let it get absorbed into your system.


After this, you will slowly exhale. There is active debate about getting higher by holding your breath. However, the reality is that you simply will only keep oxygen from your brain by doing this. this is often because your lungs will absorb the most THC/CBD within the first few seconds that the smoke is there.

Once you are ready to exhale, it’s important that you just don’t let it all out too fast. By controlling the smoke, you’ll intensify your high while increasing your lung capacity, which could cause you to cough less.

Using a Joint

If you are toking weed, you might be smoking a joint, which is one of the top methods to consume cannabis. Do you light your joint while inhaling that first drag? Try lighting the end before taking your drag to make sure that you don’t get a blast of weed right away.

Once the joint is lit, hold it to your mouth and take just a few tiny puffs. Since there isn’t typically a filter on a joint you are getting a straight blast of smoke, so take it easy.

Size of Your Hit

The easiest way that you can slow your coughing is through smaller hits, but if you are in front of your friends, it can be tempting to try and impress them. But this is a rookie mistake because your lungs are probably not used to smoking cannabis. Toking isn’t a contest, take a smaller drag than your friends, just don’t let them notice. Know your weed limits.

After Your Hit

After you have inhaled the hot smoke from your joint, take a deep breath. A rookie mistake is taking your drag and then not breathing in the smoke right away. That could cause the hot smoke to become trapped in your esophagus, and then you will cough your head off. Inhaling the smoke right away might also assist you to get more stoned.


The Kind of Cannabis Counts

You should also get the best-quality marijuana you can get your hands on. Try buying your cannabis and cannabis seeds from a reputable supplier. If not, it might have fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that can make every drag extremely harsh. No one wants to smoke herbs that have chemicals on them. The best way is to get your cannabis from a top-quality cannabis dispensary, look for one that tests its weed with a third-party lab.

Have you tried a Bong?

When you are toking on a joint, the smoke that you are inhaling is hot. Because of this heat, it will make you more likely to cough. A bong can filter the smoke from your cannabis. It is basically a glass or plastic cylinder tube that has water storage in the bottom. There is a hole slightly above the water level, which has a downstem and bowl.


As you ignite the weed in your bowl, the smoke will move down and go into the water. The water will cool down the smoke a little, after it goes through the water and gets cooled it travels to your lungs.

The recommended way to take a drag from a bong is to add some fresh air, which will help you get a stronger hit. It probably will also reduce your chances of coughing.

Try Other Products

Even if you follow the best of tips, you may still find that smoking cannabis makes you cough your head off. You may be able to put up with the coughing, but if it is really bad, you may get turned off from the experience. Some people just tend to cough a lot every time they smoke weed no matter what they use.

If you are one of these people, you don’t have to give up on marijuana. There are so many other marijuana products out there to try and get high without coughing. Products such as edibles have their own unique effects, but coughing is not one of the effects.

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