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How Much Marijuana Is Too Much?

By Dagga Seeds Oct16,2021

Weed can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your friends on the weekend, but you may not know how much you can handle. If you are reading this after consuming a large dose of THC, not to worry it is almost impossible to overdose on this natural herb.

Too much of any good thing can spoil the whole experience, and weed is the same in this way. Since more mainstream consumers are now using cannabis, many are wanting to try it for themselves, thus making daily weed use on the same level as having a glass of wine with dinner. But with any new intoxicant being added to your body, you have to get the dosage levels right for your system. You will have to start with lower dosages and see how your mind and body react and then build upon your tolerance over time to enjoy a high THC experience.

Can You Overdose on Weed?

We have researched, googled and asked everyone we know and they all point to the fact that it is almost impossible to take a THC overdose. Even if you did manage to do it in some way, it still wouldn’t cause any permanent physical harm like opioids or alcohol can. You will probably just end up having a bad experience and feel horrible for a few hours and then it will pass completely. Cannabis doesn’t react with your body in the same way as alcohol or opioids, too much THC won’t poison your body as they do. Just remember that THC can intoxicate you and make you unfit to operate automobiles or any machinery so be safe and make smart choices.

How Much to Take

The correct dosage for you will depend on several factors, such as your body mass, your health, tolerance and the level of THC effects you want to enjoy. If you are a regular user then you already know your limits and can safely medicate and get its full benefits. If you have any health issues or any concerns about medicating with cannabis then consult with your family doctor. You can use these generalized dosage guidelines as a starting point:

THC DosageWhat to Expect
2.5 mg This dosage is more for those who are using it to medicate or for those who want to try it for the first time. Also used in low dosages it can be an effective way to boost creativity or focus, and not get stoned enough for others to notice.
2.5–15 milligrams of THC This dose can result in euphoria for those with low tolerance to THC and help you socialize with your friends better. It can also impair your depth perception and hand-eye coordination a bit, so avoid driving.
15–30 milligrams of THCThis higher than normal dose gives you a strong sense of euphoria and should only be administered by experienced users or those who have developed a high tolerance to THC. This dosage can be effective in extreme cases of insomnia as well.
30–50 milligrams of THCA dosage at this level is NOT recommended for first-time or inexperienced cannabis consumers. You may feel panicked if using these levels for your first THC experience, if you accidentally consume this amount, don’t panic and stay with friends.
50–100 milligrams of THCThis is only for those who need an extreme dosage, those suffering from a debilitating disease such as cancer or major inflammatory disorders.

How much Marijuana – Potency and Strain


Some strains are naturally extremely potent, in addition, you can get a wide array of high potency concentrates in many forms. For an in-depth evaluation of the different forms of marijuana concentrate see our guide by clicking here. Those may contain THC levels as high as 90 percent. You will not want to start your cannabis experience here if you are new to smoking.

If your cannabis experience is limited then chat with an expert and they will be better able to suggest something for your specific needs. Be upfront with them about your expectations and what type of experience you want to have, this will give them the information they need to find the best strain for you. If it’s your first time, aim for a strain with about 10 to 15 percent THC.

How much Marijuana – Delivery and Dosage

If you are starting with a low potency cannabis strain then it might take some time for the THC to fully affect you, so make sure you have patience your first go. Try taking one or two drags and then give it some time to gauge the effects it will have on you. It will take some time for your body and mind to adjust, especially if it’s the first time your system is experiencing THC. You can easily light the joint up again in a while if you want to increase your dosage. It’s easy to add to your dosage, but not so easy to take away when you overconsume. No worries if you do overdo it we have some tips below to help.

As we mentioned above using cannabis in its concentrated form can affect you differently, but you can also change the experience just by changing the delivery method. Water pipes and bubblers can help cool the smoke before it hits your throat and lungs which makes for a smoother inhale. This use of a smoking apparatus also allows for larger concentrated hits. This quicker delivery of the full dose of THC can make some new users uncomfortable, so stick with a few drags from a joint or a low dose edible your first time trying THC.

Low-dose edibles and joints allow you to take smaller dosages easier, you are more in control of what amount of cannabinoids your system is getting. Cannabis Vape pens and vaporizers are hugely popular now, they have highly concentrated cannabis oil but are easy to operate and take small hits from. Just be careful, one tiny hit can get a new user quite high.

Also if you choose edibles to be your first cannabis experience be forewarned that it takes an hour for the effects to fully kick in. Don’t wait 20 minutes and figure you should eat more because you are not high. It will come, be patient and wait 2 hours after ingesting the first amount before even attempting to take more.

What if You Get Too High?

You may have underestimated the potency of an edible that a friend baked for you or just took too many hits of shatter. The resulting period of being paranoid and uncomfortable in your own skin can feel overwhelming and panicky. Keep reminding yourself that it will wear off in a couple of hours because this is true. You are going to be ok, you will not need emergency services or medical attention.


Drink plenty of fluids even if you aren’t thirsty as this will help flush the THC from your system. Some people swear that consuming a meal with lots of black pepper will reduce the ‘high’ significantly. I believe it may be the consumption of calories that does most of the reduction rather than the black pepper.

One great way to handle an out-of-control cannabis buzz is to distract yourself. Try an old hobby that you used to do or call a friend who is experienced with cannabis and have them reassure you with their own stories. This sharing and relating can help you to feel calmer. You might also try taking a nap in front of the television to sleep it off. It will probably be one of the most peaceful naps you have ever taken since some cannabis Indicas’ have powerful sedating effects.

How did you try weed your first time, comment below.

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