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How to grow a Purple Phenotype of Cannabis

You will need to start with marijuana seeds known to produce purple blooms, such as Purple Kush. If you use low temperatures during night hours it will maximize your chances of getting purple marijuana phenotypes. Growing cannabis seeds outdoors, with cool nighttime temperatures, is also another way.

Cannabis seeds, phenotypes and genotypes

Each cannabis seed has its unique genotype which affects its response to a given set of grow conditions. Many growers expect seeds from the same cannabis variety to have the same genetics with identical growth. Given what we know about genotypes and subsequent growth, this expectation is unrealistic.

Many growers use the term phenotype to describe the deviations they get from the same cannabis seed strain. However, it may be helpful to think of them as differing genotypes. That’s because it’s not just environmental conditions that steer the expression of a certain phenotype, but also the genotype.


If you buy some cannabis seeds of a particular strain, you actually get a collection of members of the family of that specific weed variety. These will share very close genetics with thousands of their siblings. But it’s important to understand that these are not identical siblings. The genotypes possessed in the cannabis seeds are usually very close, with very small but crucial differences.

Just as human twins may share a lot of common genetics from the same parents, yet each has its own distinct traits and appearance partly shaped by the environment. What they eat and the conditions they were given as they grew up shape how they turn out much like cannabis phenotypes.

Optimizing your grow conditions and your cannabis phenotypes

You don’t know what cannabis phenotypes you will get when you start your grow. But you can maximize your chances by starting with high-quality cannabis seeds from a seed company. You can also optimize your grow room conditions.

Growing with LED grow lights is a proven way to take your harvest quality up to the next level thanks to the optimized spectrum and reduced heat stress. You can also try simplifying your grow by switching to organics with nutrients from companies specializing in cannabis nutrients. This can allow you to grow without pH or EC meters, needing only add a light top dressing near the end of bloom. Not only do specialty nutrients make growing easier, but you will also notice superior taste and aroma.

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