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The Best Breeder Strains: Haze, Skunk and Kush


Cannabis enthusiasts globally are familiar with these best breeder strains of cannabis because they profoundly impact the marijuana industry. To have a comprehensive understanding of the history of cannabis, it must start with these three substances.

In addition to being some of the first considerable strains in modern times, these strains also influenced the rise of cultivars that cannabis smokers loved. So what makes Skunk, Haze, and Kush the classics they are today? Let’s find out!

The background to Haze, Skunk and Kush

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned connoisseur you are most likely aware of the variety of strains available in the cannabis industry. Both users and growers have a ton of strains to select from, which are grounded in the core genetics of cannabis. The availability of these varieties explains why there are cannabis strains with different effects, tastes, and growth features. It’s common to find cannabis connoisseurs with jars full of different strains. This allows them to enjoy what each strain has to offer.

From the myriad of seed options, some strains stand out from the others. Anyone who smokes Skunk, Haze, and Kush will confirm that these are legendary strains. They have become a kind of “Go to” within the cannabis breeding industry. These three strains attained legendary status because of what they offer the cannabis user. A distinctive, robust flavour and superior yields are every grower’s delight. These strains are even more popular in recent times because cannabis breeders use their genetics as a building block for hundreds of many new hybrid strains.

What is Skunk Cannabis?

A skunk strain is a super-strong form of marijuana that has taken over the streets of North America, with cannabis users preferring it to other strains. However, as one of the oldest bred hybrids in modern cannabis history, it has thrived in various locations all over the world.


It is often the number one choice for breeders and has given rise to hundreds of new potent strains. Skunk cannabis derived its name from an animal, and its flavour is called the “Skunk terpene.” This cannabis is revered in the industry for its strength and intense skunky aroma.

So what makes Skunk so unique and widely appealing? Why are breeders so eager to use this strain to create new dank strains? Skunk offers a balanced package of phytochemicals with reliable and robust genetics, all with a delicious taste. A slightly indica-dominated strain grows in a bushy yet compact way and has thick-fingered fan leaves with a dense canopy. The Skunk strain has a 17% THC content (which fluctuates based on the grower).

When users consume Skunk strains, their mood is instantly elevated; they feel relaxed and at peace. The flowers of the Skunk strain provide a pleasant and slightly sour taste because of their high terpene myrcene content which also guarantees a relaxation effect.

Skunk smoking tip: This strain is better enjoyed when smoked in the afternoon and evening, just after completing your daily routine. You are bound to sleep peacefully with creative and inspirational thoughts.

What is Kush Cannabis?

Cannabis varieties containing genetics of Hindu Kush-derived strains are often called Kush weed, or simply kush.

Kush cannabis seeds are typically indica or indica dominant. They are usually tough, hardy cannabis strains. The Hindu Kush region tends to produce strains that need a minimum of effort to grow, ideal for home growers. The plants are often short and stocky with plenty of side branches and heavy yields. The Indica kush genetics usually give a powerful, heavy stone with strong body effects.

Kush seeds tend to be popular with medical growers for their strong physical effects. They are also a perfect choice for home growers with fast bloom, compact growth, heavy yields and high THC levels.

One thing you cannot miss with Kush is its delicious taste which makes users come back to it over and over. What do kush buds look like? They are compact and dense with a powerful aroma and a frosty resin coating. Comparing cured kush buds vs haze buds shows how much firmer the kush buds are.

Kush smoking tip: this cannabis is best enjoyed in the evening. You will delight in its intense aroma, flavour, soothing effect, and physical high that keeps you excited all evening.

What is Haze Cannabis?

Haze completes the super trio cycle as it brings something different to the table. In contrast to the other two, Haze offers an energizing Sativa high instead of getting stoned; you will most likely feel sleepy and lightheaded.


One criticism of pure Haze strains is that they can take a long time to finish blooming, perhaps up to 14 weeks or sometimes even longer. For some growers this is way too slow, for others, the high-quality levels make the wait for Haze buds well worth it. To offset the long bloom times, breeders have often made Haze hybrid strains that possess many of the Haze qualities with a shorter bloom time. This cannabis plant has tall colas filled with sweet and citrus terpenes, which are cognitively energizing with 16%+ THC levels.

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