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Although thousands of hybridized cannabis seeds varieties have been created by enthusiastic home and professional seed breeders, the fundamental genetic stock of traditional cannabis seed strains is well-known and respected. Consider strains presented here the basic colour palette from which breeders mix and combine to create limitless diversity of new cannabis strains. Base origins and history of cannabis strains:

Columbian aka Gold:

It was one of the original Sativa strains imported, that fueled the sixties marijuana renaissance in North America. Ohhhh the sweet smell and taste with a mellow high that can’t be matched these days. Sativa at its best. All old hippies miss the mellow taste, not to mention the buzz from Columbian Gold. $40.00 an ounce those days, not easy to get your hands on.



Sometimes called Thai Sticks by the Vietnam veterans, this Asian Sativa variety produces loose clusters which are often woven onto sticks of bamboo or cannabis stems. Often named Buddha Bud Thai stick and came wrapped on a stick with a weird green or red thread. Thai hits are strong.


Mostly Sativa plants are fast-growing, known to produce a stimulating, up high. Jamaican is probably the result of crosses of Indian ganja, which arrived with the Indian immigrants who came to Nothern America. Marijuana in Jamaica is called ganja, the same as in India. The traditional Jamaican term for the best marijuana is Kali, as the Indian killer goddess.


Some of the best cannabis used to come from Mexico, but these days “Mexican Brick weed” has become synonymous with “schwag”, the lowest quality smoke. That is because of US war on drugs afflicted badly Mexican indigenous production. Good Mexican is a Sativa hybrid bud, and even though its THC is degraded by production bricking and shipping, it can be potent and give a great high if grown outdoors in strong sunlight.


South Africa and Ghana are becoming one of the world’s top marijuana and outdoor cannabis seeds producers. African experts allege that South African pot contains a deviant THC molecule that produces extremal hallucinogenic highs. Durban Poison is a good example of a mind-blowing African strain. The more northern parts of Africa like Ghana are famous for their wide public marijuana cultivation. Original African cannabis(dagga) seeds can be purchased online.


One of the first cannabis seed types collected by European and American cannabis travellers during the 1960s. Afghani and Hindu Kush are fast-growing Indicas with huge leaves. They produce a skunky, mentally crippling, body relaxing stone. These two varieties have become very popular with many commercial growers.


Famous Hawaii islands strains, such as Maui Wowie, used to be easily available. As a direct effect of the D.E.A air drug war against Hawaiian outdoor growers, these varieties became almost extinct. Crossed indoors for years, the Hawaiian Maui Waui heritage exists in many hybrids which often lean toward the Sativa end of the spectrum.

Pure Breed Strain vs Crossed Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Pure Breed marijuana seeds strains are created by crossing plants of the same strain but from different parent lines for generations. The pure breed is used to create stable cannabis seed strains with reinforced original genetic properties i.e. growing characteristics, specific high or special taste. Usually strengthens strain origins, meaning Indicas become more Indica and Sativas more intense Sativa. Choose Pure Breed marijuana seed strain for stable natural growing and original, classic high effect properties.

Crossed Hybrid cannabis seeds varieties are bred by crossing plants from different strains in order to combine different desired strain properties i.e. pest resistance of A strain with outdoor acclimatization of B strain. Such strain is crossed and inbred for a few generations to ensure proper stabilization of combined characteristics. Every generation of cannabis seeds is tested through the whole plant lifecycle to make sure crossing reached the required effect. Choose Crossed Hybrid marijuana seeds strain for advanced listed growing characteristics, high yield and strong high.

Indica Stone vs Sativa High Cannabis Seeds Strains

When choosing a marijuana seed strain for your cannabis garden it is wise and important to take the final product high/stone effect type into consideration. All marijuana seed strains available for online orders are always listed with Sativa/Indica ratio information. This Sativa to Indica or Indica to Sativa ratio is the main factor defining what kind of high or stone you can expect. Here is how it influenced your stoned state:

Indicas (listed with more than 70% of Indica genetics in a cannabis seeds strain) have a higher amount of CBD than THCs in flowers which means a heavier, sleepy type of high, ideal for total body and mind relax and pain relief. Note that Indica marijuana seeds strains will grow shorter and bud faster.

Sativas (listed with more than 70% of Sativa genetics in a marijuana seeds strain) have a higher content of THC than CBD which equals cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic, creative and active. Note that Sativa cannabis seeds strains will grow higher and bud longer.

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