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Indica vs Sativa Cannabis Seeds Strains

By Dagga Seeds Jun21,2021

When choosing a marijuana seed strain for your cannabis garden it is wise and important to take the final product high/stone or effect type into consideration. All marijuana seed strains available for online orders are always listed with Sativa/Indica ratio information. This Sativa to Indica or Indica to Sativa ratio is the main factor defining what kind of high or stone you can expect. Here is how it influences your stoned state:

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indicas (listed with more than 70% of Indica genetics in a cannabis seed strain) have a higher amount of CBD than THCs in flowers which means a heavier, sleepy type of high, ideal for total body and mind relax and pain relief. Note that Indica marijuana seeds strains will grow shorter and bud faster.

If you are a newbie when it comes to growing marijuana, choose an easy to grow, a short plant that will mature fast. Indicas or indica hybrids will easily live up to those expectations.

Indicas originally come from the hash-producing countries of the world like Morocco, Tibet and Afghanistan. Characteristic short dense plants with broad dark green leaves are strong species. After flowering is stimulated, they will mature in 6 to 7 weeks which is the shortest time among many cannabis strains. Indica buds are thick and dense. Their flavours and aromas range from pungent skunk to sweet and fruity. Choose to grow Indica cannabis seeds strains for total body couch-lock and relaxation of mind, medicinal marijuana purposes and stress relief. They are easier and faster to grow, preferred and widely grown by many newbie growers. The smoke from an Indica is generally a body-type stone, relaxing and laid back.

Combining different indicas and opposite sativas produce hybrids. The resulting cannabis seeds hybrid strains will grow, mature and smoke relatively to Sativa/Indica ratio they inherit. Recreational users and indoor growers often choose hybrids with desired Indica to Sativa ratio for the combination of high and stone effects of both Indica and Sativa families. Adding some energetic, cerebral Sativa high to an Indica hybrid only improves desired high effect. Always check the Sativa/Indica ratio of the strain you want to buy and then make your decision considering also your growing skills.


Sativa cannabis seeds

Sativas (listed with more than 70% of Sativa genetics in a marijuana seeds strain) have a higher content of THC than CBD which equals cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic, creative and active. Note that Sativa cannabis seeds strains will grow higher and bud longer.

Sativas as opposed to indicas are tall plants, leaf blades of sativas are longer and narrower than indica leaves and are much lighter in colour, usually light green. The buds of sativas are longer and thinner than those of indicas, and require more light to reach maturity, usually, it takes 9 to 15 weeks for Sativa buds to become 100% ripe. This attribute might account for the fact that sativas come from tropical environments like Africa, Mexico or Colombia in which sunlight is more constant than at latitudes north of the Equator. Sativas smell much sweeter than the skunky indicas and sometimes elicit a fruit-like smell.

Sativa grows up to 2m. Yield is usually lower than Indica, but is very potent and gives an exceptionally energetic high. They are better suited for outdoor growing because of their large bush size. Give Sativa marijuana seeds a few more degrees when germinating and also a few days more. Such an approach will mimic their original hot environment conditions for germinating and produce more sprouts from a given amount of Sativa cannabis seeds.

Highs from “Sativa” strains tend to produce clearer, cerebral “head” highs, good for dancing, talking with friends and any creative activities. After the first short attention span minutes, the high will get clear and you’ll be able to emerge yourself into a state of open creativeness, feeling of optimism and wellbeing. Sativas are the best choice for light daytime smoke.

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