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How to Use Shatter, what it is, plus benefits

By Dagga Seeds Sep14,2021

Shatter Use

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Canada more and more weed concentrates have become easily accessible. One of those cannabis concentrates attracting a lot of public attention lately is shatter. Although many of you already know about cannabis concentrates, this is a beginner’s guide to shatter for novice marijuana consumers who might not know what it is.

If you are curious about this marijuana concentrate, then read on and examine shatter properties, benefits and how to consume it properly.

Here we go!


What Is Shatter?

The simple definition: Shatter is one of the purest types of cannabis concentrates, named for its flawless glass-like consistency and transparency.

Typically, shatter resembles brilliant golden honey, but its consistency will vary depending on the ambient temperature. As the name implies, this cannabis concentrate usually shatters when dropped or handled.

What makes shatter is so pure and translucent?

This potent concentrate is harvested from pure cannabis plant extracts. When left undisturbed, the molecules found in cannabis concentrates begin to form a glass-like consistency. Compared to other weed concentrates, shatter comes with the highest amount of THC reaching up to 90%, which delivers a long-lasting and intense high to the consumer. Since you will be consuming one of the most potent cannabis concentrates, it’s recommended to start with a small dose, especially if you’re a new cannabis user.

Now, the question is:

How to Use Shatter?

Probably the most popular way of using shatter and cannabis concentrates, in general, is dabbing. Thus, many people call these potent weed products “dabs”. But that’s not the only way to enjoy this potent golden goodness.

Here are 3 of the best ways to use shatter:



Dabbing is quite a simple principle actually, it all boils down to dropping shatter on a nail and inhaling the smoke with a dab rig. You will need is a glass pipe or an oil rig, and, of course, a nail for taking hits of shatter.

There are a few nail options to pick from:

Glass Nails

Glass is probably the most popular nail to use among shatter enthusiasts, but they typically crack over time after repeated heating. They are the cheapest as well so no big deal to purchase a new one.

Titanium Nails

The second most common pick when it comes to dabbing shatter. These nails are extremely durable in terms of extended use, and they absorb heat faster than other types. The downside of this type of nail is that it can alter the taste of your shatter. This can be reduced if you season your nail with oil.

Quartz Nails

This nail can do wonders in terms of preserving the terpenes in your shatter. However, when used on an extended basis, these tend to crack, just like glass nails.

Ceramic Nails

These are the newest trend to hit the market, and they are highly recommended by the medical marijuana community, as they are chemically inert. Plus, regular users of this type of nail claim it’s nearly impossible to break a ceramic nail, even when using it on an extended basis.

Once you’ve gathered your equipment and chosen your nail, it’s time to start dabbing shatter.

The First step is to heat your nail until it turns red, as you approach the temperature required you scoop up a portion of shatter with your dabber tool.

Now, place the shatter onto the hot surface and inhale. See? It’s that simple!

What’s the ideal perfect temperature for dabbing?

We recommend trying to keep the dabbing surface between 550 and 750 degrees.

Types of nails used in consuming shatter


Smoke it

If you prefer smoking joints and want to extend the buzz from your next smoking session, consider sprinkling a little shatter in your joint. The Joint will burn slower, not to mention that a shatter-infused joint is one hell of a powerful medicinal marijuana tool.

When rolling a joint that includes shatter, keep in mind it has an ultra-sticky consistency and will stick to your rolling papers. This sticky nature may make it difficult to roll.

How to add shatter when rolling a joint?

You can freeze it and then break it into a fine powder, sprinkle this fine powder in with your ground cannabis. Only put a very small amount so that the joint will still burn adequately.

Another method if your shatter is very hard to handle, place a tiny amount on your paper before adding the weed. Then use a heated needle/paper clip to spread it like oil across the entire surface of the paper. Once you have that done go ahead and add your weed on top.

To sum things up, when rolling a shatter joint, it’s important to maintain perspective and don’t do what you see in the photo. That much shatter in a joint will be a pain to smoke not to mention a waste.


Vape it

If you are searching for the healthiest way to consume shatter, vaporization should be your first choice.

Even though vaping shatter won’t enhance your experience over other methods, it’s the safest way to enjoy this cannabis concentrate.

Vaporizing means no smoke, so this prevents the cancer-causing agents from entering your lungs. Plus, when vaporizing shatter, you can reap the rewards that come with using shatter along with the delectable taste supplied by its rich terpene profile.

The Benefits of Using Shatter

Now that you have read all about the best ways to use shatter, it’s time to jump into the benefits of this marijuana concentrate.

Shatter delivers an extremely large amount of THC and terpenes; much higher levels than dry marijuana buds. For example, dry cannabis contains between 10% to 33% THC, while shatter can contain as much as 90% THC content. Because of its super-high potency, you use a lot less to experience its effects. If you are a medical marijuana patient then shatter will deliver your medication in great abundance.

Because of its max potency, shatter will hit you faster than other forms of marijuana. You can have an intense cannabis high from just a single dab. Thus, shatter is the best choice when looking to medicate quickly or if your tolerance has moved beyond smoking regular joints.

Another great thing about shatter is that the buzz will last much longer than other cannabis concentrates, as it’s typically more stable. This will help to reduce the frequency of your sessions while still delivering massive quantities of THC and other cannabinoids into your endocannabinoid system.

Final Thoughts

Shatter is right now one of the most potent and powerful cannabis concentrates, which is why you should keep the dosage in moderation when starting your shatter adventure. If you’re a new consumer of cannabis concentrates, make your personal safety your top priority. It’s the wise thing to do when opening the vault of different cannabis concentrates.

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