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Methods of THC Delivery to the Body

By Dagga Seeds Jul8,2021

There are many ways to consume cannabis. It’s important to know some of the top delivery methods that you can use to get doses of marijuana. By working with a cannabis patient consultant, it’s possible to enjoy the correct marijuana delivery system that will be ideal for your individual condition. A proper advisor can present you with many options as well as the best delivery system that will work to maintain your health and deliver the most effective results. Here are some of the top marijuana delivery systems available to help with your medical marijuana needs:

Blunt Wraps

Typical cigar or blunt wrap papers are usually constructed for the use of tobacco. These wraps however can be extremely beneficial for the use of medical marijuana. The nice part about Blunt wraps is that they often burned much more slowly than traditional rolling paper allowing you to preserve more of the medical marijuana that you need to take as well as control your dose. Blunt wraps often come in different flavours as well as ensuring that if you have an aversion to the particular flavour of a strain, you can mask its flavour with sweeter tastes like strawberry, blueberry and more.



A simple handheld pipe can be an excellent way to get a dose of medical marijuana. As these pipes are extremely small and convenient, they can be portable as well as a little healthier than smoking with the help of tobacco wraps. Pipes need to be regularly cleaned, but they can be an extremely convenient solution that is also readily available. In some cases, pipes can be crafted for emergency situations as well. If you ever find yourself in need of a dose without any type of papers or other smoking devices, you could consider making a pipe out of objects like an apple or a piece of bamboo.



Bongs can be an easier way to get a dose of medical marijuana, but they can also take up a lot of space in your home. The nice part about utilizing a bong is that they often have much larger areas to place your marijuana and they include several chambers to cut out the harshness of the smoke. Water can be included in a bong, and this can ensure that you get a more efficient dose of marijuana. These devices often allow medical marijuana users to inhale a much larger breath of smoke than a common pipe and this can speed the process of getting a dose if needed.


Vaporizers are commonly recommended because the THC can be extracted from medical marijuana and inhaled without the risks of smoke inhalation. Vaporizers are a little more expensive than other marijuana delivery systems, but they are some of the healthiest ways that you can heat up and inhale the medical components of marijuana. Individuals that start to experience problems with breathing and other negative effects from regularly dosing with other methods will generally switch over to vaporizers. In some cases, vaporizers will be recommended for various conditions from the start.



Baking with marijuana can also be an excellent way to enjoy the healing effects of cannabis. The only drawback to using edibles is that they take longer to produce a positive effect and they often require an extensive amount of marijuana to produce.

If you are interested in learning the best type of marijuana delivery system for your condition, you should consider speaking with a cannabis patient consultant.

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