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The trillion-dollar solution to the U.S. economy.

By Dagga Seeds Jul28,2021

Not so long ago when flooded questions on medical marijuana, President Barack H. Obama, respectfully said, “we can’t grow our answer of this economy”. The state Board of Equalization for California says “that the medical marijuana business is making about 100 million in taxes. If the U.S. were to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the BOE estimates that California would receive 1.38 billion in taxes”.

Legalized marijuana effect

If the U.S. legalized marijuana and hemp, it might truly be the answer to bringing the U.S. back as a world financial power. Let’s simply do the mathematics. If all 50 states made 10 billion per state that might be around 500 billion for commercial recreational use. This in turn will generate jobs in the millions. Then observe all the products that may be made of cannabis. Thousands of newly invented marketable foods, marijuana drinks, and new developments in medicine. This could also be done through a 100% holistic approach, using marijuana.


The possibilities are endless, with such safe non-life-threatening medications and hardly any harmful side effects. Scientific advancements would be almost weekly with new real cures. The people have spoken, it’s not the place of corporations to maximize profits on the backs of people. People want natural and safe alternatives to corporate medicine. Legalization would open up new markets to big Pharma to start moving to the holistic natural approach in hospitals. This in turn would generate more jobs and tax revenue. States and the federal government would see another 500 billion + from offshoots of different marijuana products for commercial and medical use.

Energy Farming

Already the U.S. has shown over a trillion in profits in just commercial recreational use and medical use of cannabis. Now let’s have a look at the brother male plant referred to as Hemp. This amazing plant can literally grow anywhere from the Himalayans to the desert, it is one of the top versatile and nutritious plants known to humankind.

In a book by Lynn Osburn called” Energy Farming in America”, PYROLYSIS is the technique of applying high heat to organic matter (lignocellulosic materials) in a vacuum. The process can produce charcoal, condensable organic liquids ( pyrolytic fuel oil), non-condensable gasses, acetic acid, acetone, and methanol. The method can be altered to favour charcoal, pyrolytic oil, gas, or methanol production with a 95.5% fuel- to= feed efficiency.

Methanol-powered automobiles


Methanol-powered automobiles and reduced emissions from coal-fired power plants can be accomplished by bio-mass conversion to fuel utilizing pyrolysis technology, and at the same time save the American family farm while turning the American Heartland into a prosperous source of clean energy production, excerpt from the book ” Energy Farming in America”. Not only could we use it for fuel for cars but we can build houses, make paper, insulation, energy for all residential, commercial and industrial needs would be completely satisfied. To make this all a reality we would only need 6% of the government’s land.

Hemp and Marijuana could conceivably bring at minimum another trillion to the U.S. GDP. Taxes generated could bring the federal government and states an additional 300 to 500 billion which is astounding. These figures are only on revenue based on internal marijuana consumption within the United States. To open the world to Marijuana and Hemp would self-sustain any country for their energy needs whatever they may be. This is a new untapped market that if brought into use would bring millions of new jobs and tax revenue. It could be used to improve important programs like education, environment, business grants, and many other programs that we could reinstate due to our failed economy.

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