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U.K. Cheese Strain Review, Effects and Growing Tips

By Dagga Seeds Oct5,2021

The U.K. Cheese strain is one of the most unique tasting cannabis available, it tastes of sour berries and of course cheese. Some smokers swear they can taste Noname style cheese puffs upon exhaling. The taste of this cannabis is quite strange and unique to this strain, but it does have a high that you can be familiar with. This hybrid strain will relax you in a blanket of euphoria giving you creative thoughts.

Also known as Exodus Cheese, UK Cheese is a pungent, cheesy hybrid strain that is famous not only in the UK but all over the world.

THC Content18% +
Variety80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Strain GeneticsUnknown- Suspected Skunk Pheno
Flowering Time8 weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / FlavorCHEESE

What is the U.K. Cheese Cannabis Strain?

The United Kingdom is well known for making good cheese, so it’s only logical that they have a cheesy cannabis strain to match right? The inventors of this strain were a company out of the UK called Exodus, hence its alternate name, Exodus Cheese. The true history of the genetic makeup of this strain is kept a secret. It is mostly believed to have originated at least partially from a Skunk #1, which was itself made by Exodus. This hybrid strain offers some effects from both its Sativa and Indica heritage. It also has the rare advantage of being a near-perfect balance of Indica and Sativa strains.

U.K. Cheese Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе

This strain is quite attractive when in full flower, since its buds don’t follow the normal rules when growing. This cheesy plant tends to grow big fluffy buds that grow tall and almost cylindrical, making it almost seem otherworldly or deformed.

The initial cheese flavour is immediately noticeable, smelling like something similar to both ripe blue cheese and aged cheddar at the same time. If you smell your grinder just after breaking up a bud you will get a strangely earthy, almost skunky aroma. The flavour won’t match this though, initially, your senses will be bombarded with a cheesy taste and aroma, with a slight hint of a certain sour quality that seems incongruent with the actual flavour and aroma of the strain. The exhale may deliver a slightly sharp tart berry flavour at the end. Be forewarned though it may just leave an aftertaste of Noname brand cheese puffs. Though this all might be starting to sound unpleasant, UK cheese is quite pleasant to consume, offering a flavour profile you probably haven’t experienced before.


U.K. Cheese Strain Grоw Infо

This strain is best grown using clones rather than seeds, well unless they are the autoflowering variety of seeds. If you are not familiar with the term cloning then it just means taking a clipping off a plant that is already growing. This cloning advantage is because of its slow initial rooting process which can take a little longer than a typical cannabis seed.

It’s also a great strain for beginners since it doesn’t require any special care. It grows well in both soil or a hydroponic setup, so you can choose what works best in your grow room.

This is also a plant that performs well using the Sea of Green method of growing. If you do decide to employ cannabis training techniques just keep in mind the buds get big and heavy near the end.

This strain finishes in about 8 to 9 weeks after flowering begins and as we mentioned above no need for special grow room conditions. If you decide to grow this strain outside, then I hope you have neighbours you trust as it is pungent when in full bloom.

U.K. Cheese Strain Effects

UK Cheese being a well-balanced hybrid strain offers its consumers the best from both worlds, Sativa and Indica. In the first part of the high, you can expect a sudden rush of euphoria which is its Sativa side. It will then move to your eyes starting with a tingle and with that will come the elevation in your mood and creativity levels. Your mind will race with new ideas but none will keep your attention too long before thinking of something else. These Sativa effects make this a great strain for making boring jobs more enjoyable, as well a general sense of having a good day.

The Sativa effects will start to fade, only to be replaced by the Indica side of the high. It will relax you almost to the point of couch-lock, so find a comfortable spot to enjoy the creative thoughts. You should also plan for a massive case of the munchies after about an hour has passed. The high might seem fairly typical of a hybrid strain, but their intensity is what sets it apart from others.

Medical Benefits

Linking the effects above we can deduce that this is an excellent strain for helping both pain and depression. True to this it is reported my medicinal marijuana users to be excellent at treating both. The pain is treated mostly by the strain’s high THC levels, as well as the better anti-inflammatory traits from the Indica genetics. Pain is treated with the Indica side and depression is treated with the Sativa genetics delivering higher serotonin-inducing effects. Some drowsiness should be expected near the end of the high but nothing another joint won’t fix.


Pоѕѕіblе Sіdе Effесtѕ

We all would love to have a strain that has no bad side effects but like all cannabis, it has some minor ones. The worst of these side effects that most have reported is cottonmouth(dry mouth). In a few extremely rare cases people have also said they get a headache or a migraine after using the strain. If you start to experience a headache maybe try another strain. Other than the basic cannabis side effects you should only experience a wonderful high with a relaxing after glow when using the U.K. Cheese strain.

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