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Moby Dick Strain Review, Effects and Growing tips.

By Dagga Seeds Oct8,2021

The Moby Dick strain produces an incredible amount of THC ranking it as one of the best Sativa strains out there. It has been known to produce buds containing as much as 27% THC. This probably shouldn’t be the first cannabis you try but seasoned smokers will relish the energetic and euphoric high that follows after a few drags of Moby Dick. Its flavour just adds to its appeal with notes of vanilla, pine, and mint.


Strain Chart

VarietyMostly Sativa
Strain GeneticsWhite Widow  x Sativa Haze
Flowering Time9-10 weeks Early October
Taste / FlavorHaze, Mint, Piney, Vanilla
THC ContentHigh

With massive buds and massive THC levels, it seems fitting that the Moby Dick strain would be named after one of the planet’s most massive mammals, the whale.

An award-winning strain, this weed has been on the recreational user and medical patient radar for quite a long time. Its genetic heritage is responsible for it being such a wonderfully balanced mix of flavour, aromas, and beautiful buds.

What Is the Moby Dick Marijuana Strain?

Originally created by crossbreeding White Widow Strain with Sativa Haze. These two iconic strains all on their own were morphed into a genetic masterpiece by a genius from Amsterdam of course. They are now popular all over the world, with medical and recreational cannabis consumers.

This strain is mostly a Sativa with some minor Indica genetics thrown in for good measure. Its high cannabinoid content, ie. its THC levels are what makes Moby Dick so world-famous. It is one of the strongest traditional strains sold in the cannabis seed marketplace. Its potency is colossal like a whale, ranking in at an average of 27% in verified lab tests, with a generous amount of the compound THCV, which can produce mildly psychoactive effects.

Aroma, Flavour and Appearance

Much like its Haze genetics, Moby Dick gives off pleasant and delightful citrus aromas. To accent this it also has hints of eucalyptus and vanilla, which it inherits from the White Widow strain. The overall pairing of these aromas generates a unique and intriguing combination, that has become the go-to strain of many smokers.

The flavour is much like its smell, with some extra added elements that make it slightly more intense than the aroma. The flavour of sour lemons is that much more noticeable but gets tamed with sweet and creamy vanilla, plus a subtle aftertaste of woodsy pine. The inhale is smooth and the exhale is soft and not overpowering, so you shouldn’t cough a million times after taking a puff of this dank stuff.

As you can see by the photos, the buds are thick large and dense, as is classic with a Sativa cannabis plant. They grow in various tones of green from dark to light with a few pistils accenting their large calyxes. These buds certainly provide plenty of that goodness too, coated heavily with trichomes, displaying the plant’s sizeable THC content. The density of these trichomes resembles a layer of frost, sparkling and shining when seen under a powerful grow light.


Moby Dick Grow Info:

This strain is a pleasure to grow just like it is to smoke. It is an easy cannabis strain to grow with good resistance to disease and mould. It offers the grower higher than typical yields and will require you to maintain constant low humidity levels during flowering. You should keep your grow area at less than 50% humidity if you can for optimum results.

The plant is mostly a Sativa so you can expect it to grow rather tall. It’s best suited for outdoor growing or a greenhouse where you can get massive yields. Outdoor growing of this strain will require Mediterranean-like conditions, where they can utilize plenty of warm weather.

Moby Dick can also be grown very successfully indoors in a grow tent. Just keep your humidity in check and get the plant plenty of ventilation. Keep your temperatures well-tuned as this strain is sensitive to large dips in temperature which can slow its rate of growth. Because this Sativa is such a tall-growing crop, regular trimming and grooming can help get light to all the flowers and lessen the weight of the branches.

The typical flowering cycle of the Moby Dick strain is 9 to 10 weeks, with outdoor crops being ready at the beginning of October. You can get a whopping 3 pounds plus per plant when growing Moby Dick outdoors and also an amazing 23 ounces per sq meter inside.

Moby Dick Effects:

This Sativa dominant strain gives the user an energy-boosting euphoria that inspires and energizes. It will put a smile on your face and rid you of negative thoughts. It’s 25% Indica genetics will relax you with a sense of contentment and peace. This wonderful blending makes it a treat for recreational users and powerful medicine for medical marijuana patients. It will spark creativity and send your mind in new directions but not make your thoughts race out of control.

Moby Dick can help with that mundane task, giving you that extra push you might need to get through a boring day. This is especially true if you are low on energy and the task seems too much to handle when you are sober. The buzz is quite cerebral at first inducing a sense of bliss, relieving anxiety and stress, and giving your mind more pleasant things to focus on.

Medical Benefits of Moby Dick:

Moby Dick has a long list of medicinal qualities, which also adds to its popularity among the medical marijuana community. It has been proven to be excellent at lessening the symptoms that are associated with chronic stress, and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar.

Additionally, your worries and any anxiety you may be experiencing will melt away with this strain. It will induce a time of positive thinking and give the user a happy overall mental state. Be forewarned though its very high THC content can be a bit much for first-time users so use in moderation your first couple tries.

It has a broad range of medicinal benefits and has been used to treat physical ailments such as muscle pain, nausea, low appetite, fatigue, migraines, anorexia, arthritis and many more. For relief from physical ailments, a higher than average dose of Moby Dick may be required, and using a concentrated form of the strain is recommended.


Final Thoughts About the Moby Dick Marijuana Strain:

If you are a marijuana consumer searching for a natural alternative to conventional medicine for arthritis, anorexia, depression, anxiety, bipolar, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, chronic pain, migraines and muscle spasms, then this versatile strain may be the perfect choice for you. Try your hand at growing and grab some moby dick feminized seeds listed below.

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