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What does Dabbing Mean? Best ways to Try it.

By Dagga Seeds Aug23,2021

Dabbing has become insanely popular among cannabis aficionados.

While it originated as a delivery method of medicine, it seems that this form of marijuana consumption has won the hearts (and lungs) of recreational cannabis users, too.

This guide will explain the things beginners should know about the cannabis consumption method called dabbing. From its definition to origins and how it evolved so we may properly show you how to dab your cannabis concentrates safely.

A demonstration of Dabbing Concentrate

What is Dabbing?

To completely understand what dabbing really is, we first need to explain the definition of a dab.

A dab is a cannabis slang term for concentrates; it means a very small amount of something and that’s what you use when dabbing, a small amount or a “dab”.

You only need a tiny amount of weed concentrate to feel the high potency effects. Concentrated forms of cannabis have been around almost as long as humans, but they have never been consumed by the mass public as they are now.

Simple Definition: Dabbing is the act of flash-vaporizing(burning) a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate.

Dabbing can be done with several different devices. Before we look at these devices, let’s discuss the origin and history of dabbing for a while.

The Origins & Evolution of Dabbing

The origins of dabbing date back as far as 100 A.D. when the use of hash, the earliest form of marijuana extract, and effective medicine. It spread from Asia to India, Nepal, Himalayas, Morocco, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

What we know now as “dabs” came about in the mid-1960s. An organization of drug users and distributors from Orange County, the California Brotherhood of Eternal Love started a “Cannabis Revolution” throughout the United States during that era.

The California-based organization began to import large quantities of hashish into the country. They were also experimenting with more potent forms of cannabis, which led to the first Butane Hash Oil extraction also known as Honey Oil.

Honey Oil changed the party and music scenes during the 1970s into hippie and stoner peace movements, using passive and peace-loving protests against violence and spreading free love.

This era of peace gave rise to what would become the future of dabbing. Since the Cannabis Revolution, the purity of weed concentrates has grown to nearly 95%, and both recreational and medicinal users have fell in love with this form of cannabis consumption.

How are People Commonly Dabbing Concentrates?

Here’s how people typically consume their dabs:


In a Dab Rig

A dab rig is a shortened name for a bong with extra features that allow for the use of cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs are used in conjunction with the dab nail and a torch.

Some devices are equipped with a dabber, which is a small metal or glass wand-like tool used to pick up oils and waxes and transfer them to the hot dab nail.

If you want to blaze your shatter or oil in a dab rig, you’ll need to place a tiny piece of it on your dabber tool. Apply it to the nail after it has been heated red-hot, and inhale the THC-rich vapour through the rig’s mouthpiece — just the same as you would when taking a bong hit.


In a Joint

Some of us still prefer the old-school way of mixing cannabis bud with a few drops of Honey Oil on top of our joint.

If you prefer a joint to get high or wish to get the medical benefits straight from the herb, then try sprinkling some crumble, wax or budder on the joint the next time you roll one up. Beware not to go crazy overboard as shown in the picture. It looks nice but will burn terribly and remember cannabis concentrates can carry serious amounts of THC.

In a Vaporizer

You can even ditch the big glass bong and accessories or the rolling papers. Dabs started out with two knives heated red hot with a torch and a small piece of hashish was vaporized between them.

Today with technology, there’s a ton of devices that will vaporize your concentrates to create the hot knife effect without an open flame.

You can try a vaporizer designed to be compatible with cannabis concentrates. Keep in mind that the quality of your vaporizer is critical for a smooth and healthy dabbing experience. Cheap vaporizers, even those designed to handle cannabis concentrates, make for a harsh experience.

How to Dab Concentrates Using a Dab Rig

1. Gather the Equipment

Aside from your favourite cannabis concentrate, you need to get all the necessary stuff to do the dabbing. This includes:

Dabbing Tool Kit Diagram
  • A: Dab Rig — you can buy a dabbing rig that is engineered for consuming dabs, or you can buy an addon that will transform your current bong into a dabbing device.
  • B: Torch — the second most critical tool for dabs, a good torch to heat your nail(C) with. Torches are available in most hardware stores, head shops or cannabis dispensaries.
  • C: Nail — this can be glass, quartz, or a titanium surface which you heat up before putting the concentrate on.
  • D: Dabber — this is the metal, glass or ceramic tool that you use to transfer the cannabis concentrate onto the hot nail, once you’ve heated it.

Dabber Tool with concentrate.

2. Prepare your Marijuana Concentrate on the Dabber

If you’re going to try dabbing for the first time, start with tiny amounts of concentrate. We have all seen people devouring ridiculously huge chunks of wax or shatter. It’s not something you want to do as a first-time concentrate user. Start with something the size of a grain of rice — nothing larger than that.

3. Turn the Torch On and Heat up the Nail

Once the torch is lit, aim it at the cold nail. People typically heat their nails to the point where it becomes red-hot. If you find the vapour will is too hot for your lungs, let the nail cool for about 5 to 10 seconds after it turns red. Experiment with the timing until you find what works best with your equipment.

Heating the Dabbing Nail

4. Dab It!

Inhale the cannabis concentrate through the bong’s mouthpiece. Remember that dabs are way more potent than bud, so the vapour might hit harder to your throat and lungs. Also, too big of a concentrated hit can knock you on your behind.

What Are the Potential Risks of Dabbing?

1. Solvents Are Dangerous to use at home.


Butane extraction can cause third-degree burns and injuries to users. Just as butane fuel burning is capable of heating up glass or metal, it can easily burn your skin instantly at a hot enough temperature to dab with.

Not to mention the fire hazard around being stoned with open flames and people.

2. Your THC Tolerance Might Build go too high.

Dabs have so much THC that is introduced so quickly that people become accustomed to the high levels of THC in their system. If your tolerance continues to build, you will begin to require larger amounts of concentrate to get high. Consequently, you might have trouble getting high off smoking bud with your friends once you get used to concentrates.

3. It’s Easier to go too far with THC

While marijuana overdose has never actually killed anybody, THC doesn’t overdose can be quite an unpleasant experience. In a worst-case scenario situation, you’ll experience a green-out, get dizzy, vomit and fall asleep.

4. You Could Be Ingesting Hazardous Substances

When buying cannabis concentrates from an unknown source, you get a high chance of solvent residue or potentially harmful chemicals. Be safe and only consume your cannabis from a reliable source.

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