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Cannabis’ psychoactive ingredients


There is no doubt that most people that buy marijuana seeds do it to get high on the weed they harvest. Some of them do it for entertainment, while others for relieving pain. But what’s so special in cannabis that the buds give such mind-bending experiences? The answer to this question is cannabinoids. These are ingredients unique to cannabis and some of them have psychoactive effects on humans. There are six most common cannabinoids, out of around 40 known to science, and the most famous one is THC.



Every weed seed grower has heard about THC, or more precisely tetrahydrocannabinol. Still, not everybody knows that THC is a simplified name for a group of cannabinoids. Whenever someone refers to THC he or she most likely thinks about delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (D9 THC). D9 THC is the main chemical substance responsible for getting high. In fact, something between 70 and 100 percent of your high comes from D9 THC. Dried cannabis buds include up to 25-35 percent of THC.

If you have planted potent marijuana seeds and then carefully prepared the tops, you can get even a 35 percent THC concentration. Apart from D9 THC, the most commonly present tetrahydrocannabinol is delta 8 THC. However, the concentration of it is so small in marijuana that growers focus more on D9 THC as it is the main cause of getting high.


The potency cannot be deducted solely by taking into consideration the THC concentration. It is more complex than that, as THC interacts with other cannabinoids, which will result in various kinds of highs. One such psychoactive ingredient is cannabidiol (CBD), which is almost as common as THC. It gives a “time bomb” effect, meaning that you will have to wait longer before THC hits you. The good thing about it is that CBD will also make your high last longer. The amount of CBD in marijuana plants varies from 5 to 95 percent of all cannabinoids, depending on the type of pot seeds you have. Some people say that CBD makes you feel sleepy-headed or melancholic, and it supposedly lowers the excitation effect of THC.


Another psychoactive ingredient is cannabinol (CBN), which is almost nonexistent in the plant, but instead is created as the effect of THC oxidization. This process happens when the buds are cured and poorly stored. Any kind of buds processing will result in more CBN, that’s why hashish has a fairly high concentration of it. What CBN does to you is the feeling of disorientation, and you feel messed up as if you were drugged. CBN is not the desired ingredient, and to prevent its high concentration in weed you should completely dry your buds and do not store them in humid conditions; instead, choose a dry and air-tight container.


The next substance present in marijuana is THCV, aka tetrahydrocannabivarin. It is mainly found in marijuana seeds from Asia and Africa. High concentration of THCV gives weed that intensive scent. The effects of THCV on humans have not been properly researched yet, but it supposedly enhances the speed and intensity of the THC high. Sadly, there is also a side effect. Some people say that THCV will shorten your high.


The last two substances, cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabicydol (CBL) are less researched chemicals. Lately, CBC is being analyzed as its high concentration in potent weed is intriguing. According to research, CBL has no mind-bending characteristics and does not influence your high. Although, we don’t know everything about cannabinoids and their effects, so it’s possible that both CBC and CBL might influence how you get high.

Knowing what substances are present in particular marijuana strains is helpful when you pick the cannabis variety you want to grow. Hopefully, thanks to this article the next time you will buy cannabis seeds you will choose the strain that gives you the high you like the best.

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