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Critical Mass Cannabis Strain Review, Effects, and benefits


Today, we’re examining one of the most popular cannabis strains, the Critical Mass Cannabis Strain from an award-winning seed breeder. This breeder known as “Mr. Nice” has won a variety of cultivation awards including multiple winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup. With a famous breeder, using famous genetics it’s no surprise that this strain is in such high demand.

Infamous for its huge sedative properties, it has several medical cannabis benefits because of its high cannabinoid levels. Recreational smokers love it because of its ability to transport the user to the ultimate state of relaxation. To highlight the intense Indica effect it seems to have a minimal cerebral effect, which is perfect for those looking to completely wind down after a long day.

VarietyMostly Indica 80/20
Strain GeneticsAfghani and Skunk #1
Flowering TypeAuto-flowering or Photoperiod
Flowering Time8 weeks / Mid September
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Medical ConditionsAnxiety, Pain, Stress
Plant HeightFairly large
CBD Content5%
THC Content20% +
Critical Mass Cannabis Strain Details

What Is the Critical Mass Cannabis Strain – Strain Info

Critical Mass is a pairing between two classic cannabis seed strains, Afghani Indica and Skunk #1. This Indica leaning hybrid is more reminiscent of the Skunk#1 strain, renowned for its stable genetics. It inherits the inviting scent and the strong medical benefits of the Afghani cannabis seeds strain.

This is an indica-dominant seed strain, with the genetic percentages falling at 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Its mostly known for its powerful sedative quality, enhanced by its high levels of THC, testing as high as 23%.

The strain also has a higher than normal CBD level at 5%+ which adds to its great medicinal qualities. Considering the equally iconic reputation of both its genetic contributors, it’s no shock that Critical Mass is loved by growers and consumers alike.

Critical Mass Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

The strain will grow to heights between 32 and 80 inches tall and falls into the medium size cannabis plant category. Its dense and heavy green-coloured buds are quite heavy so plant supports may be needed. Its main physical appeal besides its size is the trichome frosted buds dotted with tiny orange hairs.

The plant’s name describes it perfectly, the buds are so large that they reach a ‘critical mass’ and snap under their own weight.

Drawing from the strong genetic traits of its parents Critical Mass has a complex flavour palette that contrasts between earthy and sweet. This high terpene combination has a strong appeal, with users enjoying the aroma most when it is burning. Its earthy scent and flavour originate from the genetics that it inherited from Skunk#1.


Growing Critical Mass Strain

The best growing attribute of this cannabis seed strain is its ease of growth. Seed breeders love selling this strain since it’s designed specifically to make it easy for all growers.

The main reason most people grow this strain is for the high yields which is what this strain was originally bred for. Expect to harvest over a pound per plant and as high as 2 lbs of delicious bud for expert growers.

Growing Pros

It has the added benefit of flowering in as little as 8 weeks indoors. If you are growing outdoors with photoperiod seeds expect to harvest around mid-September. This is a hearty strain with good disease and damage resistance. In fact, its pungent odour helps to protect it against bugs such as spider mites, which can create a total crop loss.

Growing Cons

The biggest hurdle with growing this strain is its huge size, leaving it susceptible to fungal infections. Its large, dense buds retain a lot of moisture, which can make it vulnerable to mould and bud rot. Fortunately, there are preventative measures to keep your crop safe. Keeping humidity levels below 50% during flowering will lead to a much healthier weed plant.

Because of this, growers using Arizona’s type of climate would produce the healthiest and largest outdoor crops. The best part about growing this strain inside is that you have greater control of growing conditions and especially humidity levels. Get some plant supports ready when this strain starts to flower. Its large buds grow quickly so you should support the stems adequately to prevent them from falling over and snapping.

Critical Mass Effects

The most dominant effect of Critical Mass is the intense relaxation properties that can last up to a couple of hours. Some users have reported being in a trance-like state for the first hour. However, most say, it lessens quicker than that after the initial burst. Because of heavy Indica traits, experts usually advise using it in the evening.

Intricate handling and labour-intensive projects are not advisable. Many people also enjoy a mood boost and tend to feel both relaxed and content. Using this strain also comes with a severe case of munchies. Therefore, it’s advisable to load up on snacks before you start your session.

Medical Cannabis Benefits of Critical Mass

As you read above, This strain is a very strong relaxant which makes it extremely useful for sleep disorders like insomnia. If you are growing or buying it for this purpose, a higher dosage is normally best. Just remember higher dosages may put you to sleep before you can actually enjoy any of the highs.

Critical Mass has a ton of medicinal properties, depending on the disorder or medical condition you are suffering from. It’s a top strain pick for those suffering from anxiety and some types of depression because of its calming properties. If you are planning to use the strain to treat a mental issue, it is best to be safe, start slow with a small dosage. Or even smarter, seek out someone who has the same condition so that they can help advise you.

The higher THC levels also help with pain management as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This can help treat a variety of issues such as migraines, muscle spasms, and arthritis.


Possible Negative Side Effects of Critical Mass

Like most cannabis strains it comes with some typical cannabis consumption side effects. These include dry eyes and cottonmouth, which is quite normal considering its 80% Indica. Keep your favourite drink on hand and stay hydrated to combat these symptoms. This will increase moisture production in the eyes and salivary glands, making them less irritated. You can also purchase some relief in the form of eye drops, which you can easily find at any corner store for a modest price.

Because the stain produces heavy sedative effects, you may also feel couch-locked in the first hour of use. If you do suffer this awesome effect, make sure you rest and eat slowly.

When consuming Critical Mass for medical reasons, work up to the right dosage that treats your specific condition.

Final Thoughts About Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

Critical Mass is obviously a wonderful cannabis strain. Mr. Nice cross-bred it to produce high yields and have extra disease resistance, making it a useful strain for new growers. It has two iconic and potent parents, which have gifted it high levels of THC and medicinal marijuana qualities.

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