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Super Kush Strain Review, effects, and growing tips.

By Dagga Seeds Sep17,2021

Super Kush Strain Review

Super Kush is a fun cannabis strain for many people. It is a mix between the Hindu Kush Strain and Northern Lights that give this strain a lush appearance that produces a cloud of delicious smoke. This strain is mostly grown in Canada, California, Nevada, and Arizona.


The THC levels of this strain can vary widely from grower to grower. The THC levels bottom out around 15 percent and have been tested as high as 24 percent. However, most users find it to be a moderate-high and describe it as fairly mild. That makes this strain a perfect choice if you are new to smoking cannabis.

The buds are aqua-coloured, highlighted by abundant orange hairs. You will be reminded of flowers as you breathe in the floral and earthy aromas. The flavours are somewhat similar to their aroma. To add to the palette, you will also notice a small hint of pine.

History of Super Kush

This kushy tasting strain is an Indica dominant Hybrid cannabis strain. No one actually knows who was the first to breed the strain. Whoever bred the strain probably did so for an evening or nighttime purpose. Although it tops out at around 24 percent THC, you still should avoid operating any equipment or driving while you enjoying its effects.

Effects of The strain

Because of its medium-high THC content and gentle buzz (compared to some strains), a new cannabis smoker will do very well with Super Kush. Typically a cannabis buzz will deeply impact the mental clarity of the users after consumption. However, with the Super Kush Strain, your mental facilities are not as likely to be affected. Instead of feeling couch-locked, you might find that your mood and energy are enhanced. This particular strain can make the user feel more creative, so before consuming it, you may want to get some creative projects set up.

Some users have noted a reduction in their stress levels after smoking the strain. This indicates that it might help you relax when it’s time to go to sleep. Many people claim that Super Kush helps them feel more content and happy, adding that the feeling lasts for a long time.

Growing Super Kush

Of course, not only beginners can get the benefits from this strain. Super Kush is a great strain for home grows and commercial grow operations. It is easy to grow, flowers well, and you can harvest a crop in about seven to eight weeks after flowering begins.

The Strain grows very tall so training and topping are recommended for indoor grows.

VarietyIndica Dominant Hybrid
Strain GeneticsHindu Kush X Northern Lights #5
Flowering TypeAvailable in Autoflowering and Photoperiod
Flowering Time7-9 weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / FlavorFloral, Earthy, Kush
EffectLong-lasting, Gentle
Super Kush Strain Chart

Consuming Super Kush

The most popular way of taking this delicious strain is still going to be smoking it in a joint. The unique kushy flavour can give you a deliciously fun experience. It can be just as much fun to smoke in a pipe but the flavour can be savoured longer in a joint. You can also try it in a weed vaporizer. Or you can add the Kush kief to another weed strain to mix and match the different flavours.

Vaporizing is becoming a more popular method of taking Super Kush, as well. A vaporizer will heat the cannabis particles to the point where the cannabinoids are released but the cannabis doesn’t combust and burn. It does not burn the cannabis because the temperature is not quite hot enough for combustion to take place. You can pick from a huge variety of designs for vape pens, so it is easy to find a vaporizer that you like.


Lastly, we should mention using the strain in some edibles. Just remember to decarb it before you start baking, so you utilize more of the cannabinoids. When you are smoking it, you already decarb the weed because the fire at the end of your joint heats it. But if you are adding it in a smoothie or another cannabis edible, you will decarb it in a 110-degree-Celsius oven for about 40 minutes first.

That will transform the inactive cannabinoids into THC, giving you that creative high. Remember smoking cannabis will give you immediate effects that last a relatively short period of time. While weed edibles don’t take effect quite as fast, they can offer you a more powerful, longer-lasting buzz.

Closing Thoughts

When you are seeking a mild cannabis strain that might help be more creative, consider trying the Super Kush strain. Many consumers claim that it helps them feel more content while encouraging their creative endeavours. Unlike some Indica dominant strains, you won’t feel unmotivated to do something. Smoking is a great way to try it, but you can also whip up some kushy edibles. The right way to try this kush strain will depend on your preferences. Consider trying different consumption methods until you find a way you enjoy.

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