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First Time Smoking Weed: Tips & Smoking Guide

By Dagga Seeds Dec17,2021

The purpose of this new smoking guide is to dispel fears and explain to anyone who is interested in trying, how to prepare for the experience. Those of us who are experienced in smoking marijuana remember our concerns before the first time we smoked a joint. The fear of someone older catching you was just crippling. Now imagine how someone who wants to try marijuana smoking for the first time in their later years feels. How “scary” it can be to feel that someone will suddenly surprise you while you are lying stoned with red eyes.

We may be even more apprehensive when this someone is the grandson, the co-worker, the woman he has been married to for 30 years or the neighbour who just ran out of milk in the fridge and decided to come knocking on your door.

The guide is especially suitable for adults who have researched and realized that despite the false propaganda. The facts in the field state that smoking marijuana is safe. Also consuming cannabis in any form can and is likely to help a wide range of problems. And improve mood in general and without suffering terrible side effects.

Smoking Guide – How to prepare for the experience.

When wanting to smoke marijuana for the first time it is highly recommended to plan the day so that we will have several hours of free time with no commitments. Evening hours will be the most appropriate hours for a first experience as there is sometimes a tendency to take a nap shortly after. The body relaxes due to the effect of the substance, which can confuse the biological clock and confuse the hours of sleep.


Background music is one of the most recommended things to combine with smoking marijuana. The sounds are sharper, the words take on meaning and the whole business looks and feel better than usual. It is recommended to make a playlist that will include some songs you enjoy but it is also recommended to add songs to the list that you haven’t heard. It is precisely these songs that will surprise us during the experience.

We would happily recommend you a selection of music styles but music is, of course, a matter of taste. You should contact a person whom you value in terms of musical perception and ask him/her for a recommendation for appropriate music.



Meet your new best friend – FOOD. Forget what you thought about the different tastes of the foods you love. You will soon look at them completely differently.

Although it is very likely that you will eat everything that falls into your hands even if it is something you would not otherwise touch. For an optimal experience, it is better to prepare in advance and organize food and drink supplies of all possible types and save yourself the hassle of finding food.

The hunger phenomenon that accompanies marijuana smoking is called “Munchies” in the slang of smokers and is a familiar phenomenon. Do not worry – smoking marijuana regularly will not make you compulsive eaters and vice versa – studies show that the marijuana diet is the fastest and healthiest diet and is better than all the other diet methods offered on the market.


A good movie is a must for a great smoking experience. Of course, it is recommended to choose a comedy film – one that you have not seen yet but know that it will do the job.
Although every movie will be funny in some way, we have prepared for you a list of recommended movies that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Experience partners

The people with whom you will share your first cannabis experience are an important factor in a pleasant and quality experience. However, it is best not to turn the event into a multi-participant event as you may be too busy trying to analyze what your friends think and how they see you.

The most recommended way is to invite a friend with whom you feel completely comfortable and with whom you have had similar experiences in the past. Alternatively, you can also spend the hours at the friend’s house or wherever you feel comfortable being yourself.

We highly recommended to ask an experienced friend – one who smokes regularly – to accompany you and be with you during the evening. It is very likely that he has been waiting a long time for this day to come and be happy to accompany you on your new path.

It is better to choose to spend the day with a person who is relaxed in nature and one who will evoke a pleasant and uncommitted feeling and not with people who are too hyperactive. Such a friend will also make an effort to let you feel comfortable with yourself and know how to make the experience pleasant and non-stressful.

Smoking Guide – Quality of material

In the past, there was not much choice and the vast majority of marijuana was weed from Mexico which usually contained between five to seven percent THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that makes you high.
Today things are a little different and the quality of the material on the market has greatly improved. Medical marijuana will probably contain between 15 and 33 percent THC and two or three puffs will suffice for you to get to the right place.

Of course, it is highly recommended to insist on a quality material – one that comes in the form of dank buds without seeds. There is no need to worry that the stuff is too strong since even if it is, the worst that can happen is that you will be more sleepy or hungrier. There is no such thing as an “overdose” when it comes to marijuana so you can relax – nothing terrible will happen.

Smoking Guide – Ways of consuming marijuana

The most common way to smoke marijuana or hashish is with the help of a joint (a rolled cigarette with marijuana flowers instead of tobacco).
Friends may recommend that you try one of the other options – bong (smoking pipe based on water filter), pipe, vaporizer or through eating or drinking (marijuana cookies for example or THC Beer Which is a marijuana-based beverage).


Smoking marijuana in a bong or pipe

Smoking with the help of a bong or pipe can be complicated for those who smoke for the first time in their lives and will cause confusion and a feeling of lack of control over the device. It is also likely that one of the following two things will happen: either you will not be able to inhale the smoke properly or you will inhale too much smoke that will cause you to suffocate easily and cough. It is best to keep these devices for another time.


Smoking marijuana with a vaporizer

Smoking with the help of a vaporizer can actually suit those who do not want to put smoke in their lungs. It is a device that exhausts the active ingredient in the plant without producing smoke and it is much easier to inhale steam than to inhale smoke. It should be noted that contrary to popular belief – smoking marijuana does not cause lung damage and even more so -studies show that lung function improves due to marijuana smoking.
However, the vaporizer is expensive and you probably will not want to spend hundreds of dollars just for it. At least not at first.


Marijuana consumption through food

In the consumption of marijuana through food (food or drink) – in contrast to consumption through smoking in which the active substance enters the blood system immediately through the lungs – the active substance enters the blood through the stomach. This fact means that the effect of the active ingredient will be felt only after an hour or more and may last for many hours and beyond what you have planned. This method is recommended for those who have already experienced smoking.


Smoking marijuana with a joint

We, therefore, recommend choosing the missionary method – joint.
With this method, you can feel the effect immediately and control the amounts you consume. Usually, two or three puffs will suffice for a start and you can put the joint aside and return to it later if need be.

How to smoke a joint

Your “cool” friends will probably want you to take a long, deep inhale from the joint and even be happy to see you coughing right afterwards. Some claim that the cough increases the blood rate and therefore also makes the buzz stronger.
Avoid this and leave the experiments to those with experience.
Take a light inhalation from the joint into the oral cavity and slowly inhale the smoke from the oral cavity into the lungs. Do this several times until you learn to control the form of smoking.
There is no point in trying to be “cool” or “professional”. We smoke to get the desired effect and enjoy the properties of marijuana. As mentioned, you will have a lot of time for different and weird attempts down the road.

Marijuana overdose

So to be clear – there is no such thing as an “overdose” of marijuana consumption.
However, there are those for whom marijuana in large quantities may cause dizziness and/or cold sweats. The most important thing is not to get stressed and try to take things easy. Remember that cannabis is not dangerous and does not cause any side effects or any temporary or permanent damage.

Smoking Guide – How to get rid of the effect of marijuana

You may feel that the effect is too strong. In such a situation it is recommended to first take two deep breaths (of oxygen…), lie on your back, close your eyes and listen to the pleasant sounds of the music. Try to make the feeling a pleasant experience. You can also just rinse your face with cold water and take a few sips of water or iced tea with lemon.
A safe way to reduce the effect is to simply eat something small. It’s probably not going to end in “something small” and you’ll start an eating journey, but it’s definitely going to do the job.
What you are likely to do in the end is to just go to sleep. This is of course the best way to end your first marijuana consumption experience.

In conclusion

We hope you learned something by reading our smoking guide for new cannabis users. The main reason why people are afraid of marijuana is the socially accepted perception that marijuana consumption is a negative act. This perception – contrary to what you may think – is a misconception that belongs to a minority group in the population. Polls in the country and the world state unequivocally that most people understand Cannabis’s many virtues and the opinion widespread in society is a reflection of negative campaigns funded by pharmaceutical giants and false propaganda which lasts from 1937 in the US.
Forget it! To enjoy really a wonderful plant, you must understand that it is indeed amazing. There are countless studies proving this!

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