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How to Make Cannabis Tea- Recipes and Benefits

By Dagga Seeds Aug16,2021

Are you looking for an alternative method to enjoy cannabis? Cannatea is a delicious edible alternative to conventional methods of consuming cannabis. Cannabis tea is a delicious way to enjoy a Sunday morning wake and bake. I have been known to add a drop of RSO to my morning tea. Cannatea may become your new favorite way to enjoy a daily dose of THC.

Cannabis Tea Recipe

Three methods to Make Marijuana Tea:

While it’s not as simple as dipping a tea bag in your cup, making your own marijuana tea is very easy. You just need a few ingredients, namely your usual tea bag/tea leaves and some ground marijuana.


Cannabis Tea Recipe 1:

Make tea the Cannabutter Method

1g ground marijuana
1 teabag
1 tbsp coconut oil or cannabutter
½ kettle water
honey, sugar, cinnamon(optional)

Tea or coffee strainer

Before making the tea, decarboxylate your ground marijuana in the oven at 240°F for 45 minutes. You can do this ahead of time to keep the waiting to a minimum. Doing this step will also add to the potency of your tea brew.

  1. Boil water in your pot on the stove. Use at minimum two cups of boiling water.
  2. Add your butter or oil into the water, and stir until the butter/oil completely dissolves.
  3. Add your pre-ground, decarboxilated weed into the butter/oil and water mixture.
  4. Bring the water temperature down to a low simmer, and let the pot simmer for a least 20 minutes. Like normal tea, the longer you infuse it, the stronger it will turn out.
  5. Place a strainer over the top of your favorite mug.
  6. Pour your desired amount of cannatea water.
  7. Add your tea bag of choice for your preferred flavor and medicinal effects.
  8. Throw in your favorite tea ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, milk, sugar etc. for flavoring.
  9. Let the tea sit for a bit so it can properly steep.


Cannabis Tea Recipe 2

“Cannabis Latte”(made from scratch)

Ingredients: (for 4 servings of 200ml each)

  • Quarter ounce ground cannabis buds or Half ounce of trimmings (decarboxylated)
  • 3 teaspoons softened butter (or 30ml of heated coconut oil)
  • 400ml full-fat milk (or almond milk etc.)
  • 400ml water
  • Tea leaves
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp of honey
  • A touch of cinnamon

Metal tea infuser

  1. Decarboxylate your cannabis.
  2. Mix cannabis, milk, vanilla extract, and butter/oil thoroughly. Let this mix rest at room temperature for about an hour.
  3. Now, you can pour the mixture into a stockpot, add some water. Place your cannabis loaded metal tea infuser in the center. Let it simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes using only low temperatures, and don’t boil anything!
  4. Pour your “tea latte” through a fine sieve or coffee filter to remove all green matter and enhance flavors with a teapoon of honey, a little cinnamon, and anything else you like in your regular tea.

You can either add your cannabis straight into the water, or heat it in some coconut oil. If you go with the latter method, the resulting tea will definitely be more potent than it would be otherwise. Remember that cannabinoid levels in shake(cannabis leaves) are much lower and will result in a weaker tea than one made with buds.


Cannabis Tea Recipe 3 (easiest and fastest)

Stir in some RSO(Rick Simpson) oil. or tincture

Rick Simpson Oil

**CAUTION: ONLY use a drop the size of a grain of rice your first time trying RSO in tea. Stir it in the same as you would with honey.

It will take a while for the buzz to kick in so be patient. Don’t take any more for at least an hour after trying your first drop.


Another quick boost to your high is to add a couple of drops of cannabis tincture to your tea. Tinctures aren’t normally as strong as cannabutter, but they can still give you a good buzz and it’s easier to add to your tea. It may alter the taste, so be sure to add in some extra honey, lemon, sugar, etc. to help the taste.

The Benefits of Cannabis Tea (Cannatea)

While you may think the benefits of cannabis tea to be in line with those of marijuana, there’s something different to be said about having it specifically as a tea.

Relaxing Sensation

If you have really relaxed and enjoyed a cup of tea while smoking a joint then drinking cannabis tea will be even more relaxing. You can avoid inhaling any hot smoke or vapor, you’ll end up being super relaxed and content.

You can be even more relaxed if you sip a tea that’s caffeine-free, such as, peppermint, chamomile, or ginger tea. For a full-body relaxing feeling utilize an indica cannabis strain. That may be slightly too drowsy for some, though, start slow when dosing your cannatea with an unfamiliar weed strain.


Promotes Healthy Digestion

Along with keeping you relaxed, drinking different teas can keep our gut in good working order. Herbal teas are considered to be very effective, but different folks will have different experiences. It will take some experimenting to find out the perfect tea to support your digestive health.

Soothes the Throat

Most of us are familiar with hurting our throats when toking weed or vaping. By drinking canntea, you may find it actually helps to soothe your throat, rather than hurt it. While the heat of the smoke is responsible for this discomfort, your throat will enjoy the (moderate) heat of the cannatea. Chamomile and green tea, work best for this type of relief.

Calculating Dose per Cup

Edibles Dosage Chart

The THC content will vary by making it yourself and will change with what strain you’re using. Use this generalized rule: add a 0 to the end of your Cannabis’ THC percentage. For example, if your weed has 20% THC, there’ll be about 200mg in your cup for every gram used.

Try starting with a tiny dose if you’re new to cannabis ingestion, and also you should only build up the dose in small increments each time you drink it.

Effects of Cannabis-Infused Tea

As with edibles, the high effects of cannabis tea take a while to show. As far as what the exact effect will be, that’ll depend on the type of tea you’re drinking and what strain of marijuana you’re infusing with it.

Usually, it is about a 30–90 minute delay before the effects of your cannatea begin to show, though it can take up to two hours for some people.

Duration of High

A cannatea high will last about 4–8 hours for most of us, but this changes according to individual makeup, food/drink consumption prior, and tolerance to weed.


Non-Psychotropic Teas (CBD Tea)
Instead of using THC strains for your tea, you could always make a CBD infused tea instead. You can find CBD tea in marijuana dispensaries or make it yourself. Unlike THC tea, CBD tea won’t get you buzzed but will offer all the effects of taking CBD in other forms.

Additionally, you can make CBD tea with a tincture that normally you take under your tongue (sublingually). The tea will hide the tincture’s bitter taste, and adding in your favorite tea additives will make it almost undetectable to the taste buds.

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