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Northern Lights Strain Review,Effects, and Growing tips

By Dagga Seeds Aug30,2021

Northern Lights Strain Review

If you’ve ever watched the actual northern lights happen, you know it brings tranquil thoughts to your mind as you admire the magnificence of nature. The Northern Lights cannabis strain has earned its name for that same reason. This wonderful cannabis creation is still one of the most sought-after indica strains on the planet. This demand is mainly because of its tranquillizing and pain-killing properties. Loved for its resinous flowers, alluring smell, and expansive range of therapeutic effects. Northern Lights is definitely a strain worth growing. Let’s look at the history and origin of the strain, to begin with.


The Genetic History of the Northern Lights Strain

The exact genetic heritage of the Northern Lights strain is still widely challenged and debated. A few marijuana seed breeders are claiming that this potent indica strain originated in Seattle, Washington. The general 420 community consensus, however, is that this cannabis indica strain originated in Holland. The original breeder was the famous Sensi Seeds around 1986.

Northern Lights cannabis is a cross between Thai landrace strains and a native Afghan landrace. The exact strain or phenotype that gave birth to this popular Indica remains unknown.

With this Hybrid Cannabis strain having only 5% Sativa genetics, you can expect Northern Lights to produce strong sedating effects with mild stimulation.

If you’re looking for a disease-resistant, mould-resistant, resilient cannabis plant, the Northern Lights strain should be on your wish list. Plus, its buds are coated with a thick white coating of trichomes. Trichomes are a good indicator of their cannabinoid content.

What Does the Northern Lights Strain Look Like?

The appearance of buds displays flowers that are coated with beautiful trichomes. They are also tightly packed, just like most Indica cannabis plants.

Besides the dark, olive green, you can often see streaks of blue and purple running through the buds. These colours are similar to what can be seen observing the actual northern lights. The orange pistils look amazing blended together with the white-coated sugar leaves. Thus giving the strain a brassy, orange hue.

Harvested buds from Northern Lights Strain

What Flavor and Aroma Profile Should I Expect From Northern Lights?

The layer of crystalline resin mentioned earlier is what gives the strain its pungently sweet, spicy aroma. The legendary Indica has a deep spice-like scent, with some pine undertones and earthiness coming from its complex terpene profile.

When exhaling, you can expect Northern Lights to taste a bit spicy, slightly bitter, and citrusy. The smoke from the strain is less harsh on the throat than most Indicas, so try some if you always cough your head off.

The Effects of the Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights can produce up to 21% THC, combined with other strains this can push the THC levels a few points higher like our God’s Northern Lights Strain. That being said, it falls into our mid-high range meaning it won’t make you totally couch-locked like some other stronger Indicas in our shop.

Northern Lights is a great mood booster, elevating you without causing too much stimulation. The first feelings of euphoria kick in within a few moments after the first couple hits, bringing you to complete relaxation. High consumption levels can result in a true body melt. Speaking of body, the Northern Lights strain is known for its potent appetite-stimulating effect, so you may attack your refrigerator at some point when the munchies kick in.

Since this strain is a 95% Indica, it’s recommended for evening consumption when you want to relax after work, but given its moderate THC levels, you can also consume it during the day to alleviate stress, pain and anxiety.

Medical Benefits of Northern Lights

  • Because Northern Lights induces a powerful body high, it works exceedingly well for fighting strong pain, such as chronic back pain, migraines arthritis, and more.
  • Northern Lights is an incredible appetite booster which is great for those with eating disorders.
  • Last but not least, the sedating effects of this perfectly bred indica may prove invaluable for fighting stress, melting away anxiety, and combating a racing mind trying to fall asleep.

Long story short, if you suffer from Chrones, pain, anxiety, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, or even an eating disorder, you should immediately add Northern Lights strain to your grow room.


How to Grow Northern Lights?

Growing Northern Lights and its cousins is fairly easy if you have some basic growing experience. If you are growing the strain outdoors you will need a sunny and warm climate to grow the plant, one that is close to that of California or Spain. It will typically grow to a medium height and can be also grown indoors successfully.

Northern Lights flowers relatively fast coming in at around 6 to 8 weeks, compared to other Indica strains. You can expect to harvest a yield of 18 oz. per square yard(metre) when grown inside. The outdoor yield can be over 20 oz. per plant.

Although Northern Lights is not as high-yielding as say, the Zkittlez Strain, the buds harvested are packed with therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes.

Different Strains for different effects and treatments folks.

Final Review On the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

We hope you have gained some valuable knowledge reading our examination of the Northern Lights Strain. If you’re an avid cannabis consumer or a true strain hunter, this strain should be high on your wish list. Its sedating effects and the whole host of medical benefits make this cannabis strain versatile medicinal marijuana and a great evening strain for recreational users.

Once you finally get your Northern Lights bud grown, remember to consume cannabis responsibly and make sure you have tons of great munchies at hand so you don’t have to drive.

Enjoy these Northern Lights Strains, available in Autoflower and photoperiod varieties!

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