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Nuken Strain Review, effects and medical benefits.

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Nuken Strain Review

Nuken is one of those strains where the name can be a bit deceptive. After all, it makes it seem as though you’re going to end up nuked into the ground.

Well, that’s not the reason it got its name.


While its name invokes mental images of mushroom clouds and large bombs. Nuken is just all about putting you on your couch to enjoy a well-rounded high. A slight euphoria mixed with feelings of serenity and a jolt of energy makes Nuken particularly high on some grower’s wish lists.

This strain maybe a little too much to handle for beginners but it isn’t the most potent strain on the market either. All that being said, don’t be intimidated by its name, but don’t get tricked by its innocent sweet smell and flavour.

Nuken Strain Genetics and Origins

Nuken is a 100% Indica Cannabis Strain first bred in Canada by mixing an afghani hybrid named Kish (a cross between Shishkaberry parents) with God Bud. Despite what its genetic background may lead you to expect, this Indica strain doesn’t leave users couch-locked. Yes, the buzz is very strong, but the Nuken strain usually leaves you able to function in your daily routine and enjoy yourself doing it. It also displays the typical Indica tight bud structure accompanied by a dense blanket of glistening trichomes.

Nuken’s Bag Appeal


As we already discussed, Nuken is a pure indica strain and you see it simply by looking at its tight buds. “MMMM” is is the most common reaction with those who try Nuken for the first time. The tight buds have bright orange hairs on luminous deep green nuggets. They’re compact, tight, FAT, and a textbook ‘sticky weed strain’. If you want to show off your bag appeal at a party with buds that look like one of the 7 wonders, Nuken is a great strain. Once you grind up a bud, you’ll love the big pile of weed that will come out of it. It’s ridiculously large.

Nuken Strains Aroma and Flavors

Once you crack open the container of Nuken’s buds, you’ll be instantly hit by the delicate aroma of sweet herbs and spices, with a note of mint and tea.

On the inhale, you can sense the strain’s aroma intensifies its taste. During exhale, you may find it harsh to the sinuses so avoid exhaling through your nose. Nuken also releases a kind of earthy flavour accentuated by hints of spices and lemon.

Nuken Strain Effects

This is a famously dank strain for a good reason. The buzz is kind of a creeper; after just a couple of drags from a joint, you can already start to feel a mild high focusing mostly just above the eyes.

After smoking the rest of the joint, the high induces a blanket of euphoria. It is still more head high than a body buzz. During the peak of your buzz, you’re completely relaxed, highly focused, high as a kite, and still able to function well.

Oddly, the couch-lock phase doesn’t linger. The buzz is more focused and will inspire interesting conversations or a deep introspection if you are chilling at home alone.

If you are thinking of hitting your snack cupboard to bring down your buzz, think again. It won’t matter how many snacks you devour after your smoking session with Nuken, the high is not reduced. We happily tested this on several occasions, and each time, the results were the same.

Nuken Strain Medical Benefits

Nuken’s all-around buzz and deep relaxing traits make it a great alternative for various physical and mental medical conditions. For example, its uplifting cerebral buzz can keep stress at bay, ease anxiety, ease trauma, and treat symptoms of depression. We live in a high-paced society, and the blissful properties of this mental clarity can work wonders for those who need a quick break. To coincide with that, Nuken’s relaxing body buzz can help relieve pain caused by injuries, muscle spasms and inflammation. At higher dosages, Nuken’s sedative nature becomes more prevalent, which makes it a perfect strain for those having trouble sleeping.


Nuken’s Strain Side Effects

The Strains THC content has been recorded as high as 25%, which puts it in the “moderately strong” weed list. As we already discussed above, it’s intense high might be overwhelming for new consumers. Veteran smokers should have no issues handling the psychoactive experience.

Like any top-shelf strain, Nuken induces dry, red eyes and cottonmouth. These feelings are accompanied by a huge increase in appetite. That is only if you consider the munchies a side effect.

Other than that, consuming too much of its buds in one session may result in elevated anxiety or paranoid thinking. Fortunately, these negative side effects are short-lived, so it’s best to relax, breathe deeply, and talk to your friends as a distraction. If you want to avoid the negative side effects, just don’t smoke too much of Nuken’s tempting buds.


A beautiful, unique, and truly inspiring cannabis strain, Nuken has everything it takes to make the top shelf. It’s great for those of us who appreciate a nice combo of cerebral and body buzzes. If you’re a THC chaser, then you might only rate it “AAA” because, everything laid on the table, it’s not the most potent weed on the planet.

Nonetheless, its buds can pack a punch, not to mention its eye-popping bag appeal and even more desirable aroma. If you have sensitive nasal passages and throat, then you might want to approach the strain with caution. Other than that, Nuken is bar none one of our favourite cannabis strains.

Below are two of the strains used in creating this masterpiece, see if you can replicate it yourself and happy growing.

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