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The best soil for growing cannabis

By Dagga Seeds Mar4,2022

The best soil for growing cannabis will have the same texture whether it’s wet or dry and be dense enough to support roots. The best way to ensure a successful start to cannabis cultivation is by providing your plants with great soil. Not only do you need to buy quality soil, but you also need to prepare it with the right equipment. This applies equally to indoor and outdoor plants. With this, you can give your plants a healthy start, with good soil at affordable prices.

Many growers prefer to grow their plants using hydroponic systems. Because it improves the absorption of nutrients by the marijuana plants, which in turn affects the growth of the plants. Although these systems allow plants to grow very quickly, the initial cost is relatively high and it also requires a higher level of expertise.

Since this article is intended for beginners, we’ll focus on the cold hard basics instead. Oftentimes, even veterans choose to stick with the basics because they are so effective. Read on to learn more about growing marijuana on soil:

Why grow cannabis in soil?

The ground or earth is important for reasons beyond what might initially occur to you.

A good quality soil should actually be able to hold a large amount of water, which is several times the weight of the soil.

Rather than draining the water, good soil should hold it for a period of time before it evaporates. This is to give the plant’s roots the best conditions to absorb the water.

Good soil should have the same texture whether it’s wet or dry – and that texture should be loose. At the same time, it should be dense enough to support roots without becoming impenetrable to air and root growth.

If your plant is stuck in poor soil, it will wither and you won’t get the same harvest as if you grew it in quality soil.

As you can see, the soil is extremely important to every aspect of a cannabis plant’s life. Whether it is for germination, transplanting or just growth. Your plants need the best soil you can offer them.

The Best Earth Supplements

Because potting soil available in stores is often too compact (dense) for many growers, it is often mixed into local soil or sand. Try using half potting soil and half ingredients like leaf mulch, grass mulch, dried peat moss, or local soil and sand).

This will provide your plants with the nutrients they need, giving you more bang for your buck. It will also reduce the clumping that potting soil tends to suffer from, allowing your tender young plants to spread their roots freely.


How to make your own soil

If you have a farm, live near a farm, or are someone who enjoys making compost, you can easily make your own soil.

In addition, the soil will be equally or even more likely to be more nutritious and rich in nutrients than ready-made soil from the garden center.

If you live on a farm, you already know about the nutritional properties of animal manure. You can use any manure from cows and pigs, especially if you let it mature for more than a year.

Even if you add fifty percent sand, this mix will provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to thrive easily in their early stages of growth.

You can also buy top-quality soil from certain companies. If this topsoil is black, well mixed and appears healthy, you don’t need to change it – it will work perfectly for your plants as it is.

The best soil outdoors (outdoor)

The soil will continue to have a major effect (whether positive or negative) on your plants long after they have germinated and even matured.

If you grow your plants indoors, you will have no problem changing the soil accordingly.

Things get a little trickier when growing outdoors. So you should read on carefully.

One thing you can do for outdoor growing is to use soil that is rich and has already been prepared before adding it to your plants.

Even in places that don’t have quality soil for your marijuana plants to grow naturally. You can change the quality of the soil so that it perfectly suits the needs of your plants.

What is “Super Soil”?

There is another type of soil, nicknamed ” super-soil “, that is great for growing healthy cannabis plants – and you can even make it yourself.

The idea behind this is to use compost to get better soil. It takes the best natural soil for cannabis plants that you can find in nature and the same qualities are used for it.

You will also be able to relax a bit while the plants on this earth thrive. Because you don’t have to worry about adding nutrients to your plants on a daily basis. Instead, all you have to do is cast.


This is an organic way of doing the same thing that nasty chemicals would do. While allowing the cannabis plants to develop in the way they are naturally meant to thrive. And to reach their best natural potential.

The whole process requires some research and preparation. But it’s not as much as you might think.

Read our recipe for making your own super soil here (the whole process is too long and complex to fully describe in this guide).

Decide for yourself if this is a good idea for you.

It is ultimately better for the people who grow cannabis plants in bulk. Because it involves mixing together a huge volume of different soils and other ingredients. You have to mix it for a full week until everything combines properly and becomes one color.

After that, you need to store it properly to start the composting process. This should be done under just the right conditions for a month or two.

There are a few things that could go wrong with this process, such as the presence of bugs or other pests. But worms are useful creatures to keep the soil mix healthy.

If this whole process is scary, expensive and too time-consuming for you, then you can also buy Super Soil from a grow shop.

This is almost as good as your own homemade Super Soil. This allows you to get the same result without going through the Super Soil crafting process.

If you decide to give Super Soil a try or buy it, you should fill half your pots/containers with the finished product and the other half with regular soil. This is because the large amounts of nutrients in Super Soil would burn off young plants (or clones). But, by the time the roots have made it through the regular soil and reach the bottom layer, the plants should be mature enough to handle such a high nutrient level.

Organic Earth

Without the extreme process of making Super Soil, you can easily make other types of organic soil that will benefit your cannabis plants equally.

These other methods will not require as much preparation, time, money, and space. The easiest way is to combine organic soil with organic nutrients. When these nutrients are liquid, you need to be very careful and check your pH levels regularly.

Another option is composted manure, which is high in nutrients. With this form of soil, all you have to do is simply plant the seed and make sure you are constantly maintaining the moisture and softness of the soil. Because potting soil has an extremely dense texture, it’s easy to make the mistake of letting the soil get too compact and hard.

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