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The historical and modern use of cannabis to enhance sexuality.

By Dagga Seeds Oct1,2021
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The effects of cannabis on sexuality constitute a controversial theme, pitting its fervent defenders against fierce detractors. The point is that consuming cannabis before lovemaking will cause contradictory effects, as it contains substances that will amplify sexual pleasure but also others that will decrease sexual desire.

The history of cannabis used as an aphrodisiac in ancient India.

Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, although ironically it has also been used to reduce sexual appetite. Ancient texts reveal that cannabis was credited with the ability to increase sexual pleasure, but recent research contrasts this myth: the effects of cannabis are determined by personality, physiology, intentions, environment, culture. user, as well as the variety of marijuana.

The earliest known link between sex and cannabis in Indian culture dates back 3000 years (but this relationship is arguably older). The culture of ancient India was closely linked to sexual cannabis. Grass has been used for this purpose for at least 3,000 years, possibly longer. Traditional Indian medicine recommends the use of cannabis (and/or opium) to solve the problems of impotence, increase sexual desire and other diseases related to sex.
There are dozens of cannabis recipes prescribed as aphrodisiacs and are said to be able to increase erection duration, facilitate vaginal lubrication, delay ejaculation, and sexually disinhibit. These are recipes with names like shrimadananda modaka, Vajikarana uttama, majun falaskari, bhang roghan, among others.


Marijuana and its use as an aphrodisiac in other cultures

The tantric uses of cannabis are probably among the most beautiful and moving interactions of sexuality and cannabis, but they also exist in other cultures with related traditions.

For example, a drug popular in Serbia in the 19th century was called Nasha, because it was produced from Nasha cannabis. This mixture of lamb fat and cannabis was given to women for their wedding night, to reduce the pain of their first sexual encounter. This practice is also common in modern India, where newlyweds drink infusions and eat Bhang-based pastries. It is also said that Indian prostitutes ingest quantities of Bhang sorbets to feel sexually aroused, for example when the client is repulsive.

Serbian women mixed cannabis with egg white, saffron and sugar to make guc-kand, a tonic conducive to an erotic state of mind and which, ironically, was also given to young men to soothe aches and pains. of circumcision. Weeping babies were also given cannabis tonic to calm their seizures. Information about this indicates that babies were quickly becoming more smiley.

Serbian men used infusions made from a potent blend of hashish, almond butter, dried rose petals, carnation petals, saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, honey, sugar, and roots to be more valiant. Anacyclus Pyrethrum (African Pyrethrum). According to them, this “soup of happiness” was very strongly aphrodisiac.

In Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, and other areas of the Middle East and North Africa, cannabis was used for sexual purposes until the early twentieth century. The herb was often used in a very potent form called Kief. Wives and courtesans stocked up on kif and absorbed it when the men were away, to stimulate their fantasies and erotic games. Cannabis had a reputation for allowing women to be sexually uninhibited, an advantage especially important in cultures where they were often looked down upon.

Contemporary use of cannabis in sexuality

In countries like Canada and the United States, the interactions between cannabis and sex are often complicated, due to gender politics, puritanism, laws and the tensions inherent in industrial life.
Some books and articles on scientific research and studies sometimes distill useful information about cannabis and sexuality. The authors conclude that people who enjoy marijuana tend to enjoy sex, and, surprisingly, the combination of these two activities is very powerful.

The majority of people who used cannabis for these purposes reported being very aroused due to the effects of the herb, but explained that they only felt a simple amplification of arousal: this only happens in severe cases. conditions themselves exciting. The users specified that this increase in desire was accompanied by a better capacity to appreciate sexual pleasure when they had consumed before the act.


Cannabis and excitement, a synergy of pleasure

The effects of marijuana on sex life depend on the level of intoxication. Recent studies show that with a low to moderate level of consumption and in appropriate doses, the majority of people feel a better communication capacity in their relationship and an increase in body awareness.

For their part, the men say they feel:

  • Better resistance
  • Better sensitivity to touch
  • Longer and stronger orgasms
  • Greater readiness for preliminary games

While the women testify:

  • Improved vaginal humidity
  • Better ability to control the vaginal muscles
  • Enhanced excitation capacity

Tantric sex and cannabis

In larger dosages the effects of cannabis on sexuality are variable and depend on the people and the cannabis strains but, in general, the experience can be bad: the smokers interviewed say they tend to be more introspective and distant and, with high doses of marijuana, feel fogged up, which leads to a failure of the sexual relation, being unable to properly invest mentally and/or physically in the sexual act due to a loss of too much control.
Some women with sexual blockages have said they get aroused more easily under the effects of cannabis. Others said that they were only able to reach orgasm while under the effects of the herb, and others that cannabis allowed them to enjoy multiple orgasms. For both sexes, under the influence of cannabis one will generally be more inclined to experience orgasms all over the body, rather than just the genital area.

A few Sativa or Indica cannabis users interviewed claim to feel spiritual, emotional and psychological effects similar to tantric effects: for them, sexual intercourse is an exchange of energies as their bodies unite in a cosmic circuit. This exchange would allow us to rest and balance the energies, the orgasm being the climax.
Respondents admitted that sex made them lose their ego to move on to spiritual realms, where the sexual act in itself has symbolic and universal importance. Others said that the herb helps them feel more love in their relationship and better appreciate the importance of sex as a means of communication that can be “much more powerful than words or words. lots of actions ”. Marijuana users with experience in yoga and meditation have felt that the herb increases awareness of their visceral organs and subtle internal processes.

Weed during sex


Cannabis in love acts as a sensory stimulant and emotional disinhibitor: in general, it increases the perception of temperature, taste, touch, visual perception, body awareness, musical and auditory affinities, the imagination of fantasies, and would also promote humour. Other common effects include changes in the perception of time, which often will seem sluggish. Most people who use cannabis before sex are very likely to do so to regain this type of effect.

Paradoxically, these same effects are cited by detractors of cannabis in sexuality: the consumption of ganja would interfere with their ability to feel pleasure. It is true that cannabis is also consumed by ascetics to reduce sexual desire, as some monks also do.
These paradoxical uses could also be explained by the different genetics of cannabis, as well as their dosages and modes of administration: a high dose Indica strain would indeed tend to be incapacitating, while moderate doses of Sativa genetics, more stimulating, will be more apt to promote sexual relations.

Studies on the effects of cannabis on sexuality and masturbation

So far we have only talked about studies on cannabis and heterosexual sex. Unfortunately, studies relating to marijuana and sex are almost nonexistent. And on the flip side, the scant studies on cannabis and masturbation simply indicate that sexual pleasure is increased, mainly because the ability to create fantasies is stimulated.
Some studies show that the typical stereo differences between the sexes are maintained: women are more conservative than men when it comes to consuming cannabis, and relinquishing control in order to enjoy a higher state of arousal produced by the substance. One woman told researchers that after using cannabis, she “had sex with a man she didn’t like.” Another person admitted to being afraid to use it, having in the past “had sex for the simple fact of feeling pleasure, instead of establishing a real relationship with her partner”.

The ‘typical’ attitude of many men to sex can be seen in this type of male statement: ‘There is something funny about women needing a reason to have sex, while men only need an opportunity. I have sex because I love that feeling, I love the female body, I love to see a woman reach orgasm. Isn’t that the same reason that drives me to smoke weed? I am a hedonist. But I think women have a whole host of other equally valid reasons for having sex. It is sometimes difficult for them to have sex just to feel good, and I feel like they are often bothered by the effects of cannabis which makes them feel weaker than they would like to be. to be. Realize that an expert lover, even barely met, pushes them away for being too open to him. They have been told that for sex to be honourable, love must be based on moral commitment, while cannabis dispels these codes, then it is enough only to be open to good feelings.”
Contrary to the cartoonish myth that marijuana automatically induces uncontrollable sexual desire, we can see that even though cannabis and sexuality have been closely linked for millennia, each of us has a unique set of parameters that will determine our psycho-sexuality. and will increase or decrease sexual desire and pleasure under the effects of cannabis.

What people say about the effects of Cannabis on Sexuality

Anthropological studies have reported that cannabis religions recognize the metaphysical potential of the female cannabis plant.
“Cultures in which cannabis is sacred tend to recognize the ‘goddess’, be it Mother Nature, Yin or feminine beauty and its virtues. We can say that these people under the effects of cannabis maintain a type of sexual union with the plant: they establish a sexual relationship with a THC molecule that settles in their brain ”.
“Since cannabis is associated with female goddesses like Kali, we can say when we use cannabis for sexual purposes, we invite a very special woman to our bed. We will have to ensure that we are able to maintain this relationship

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