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Agent Orange Strain Review, Effects, and Growing Tips

By Dagga Seeds Oct17,2021

This potent Agent Orange strain with an equally potent orange flavour was named after the infamous chemical used in the Vietnam war by the United States to clear vegetation. The cannabis strain with the same name luckily is not toxic. Quite the opposite actually since it is used to give its user a happy and euphoric experience with more of the effects of laughing gas than the toxic plant killer used in war. It smells and tastes very much like oranges, with one of the most potent terpene profiles you can get in unique cannabis strains.


Agent Orange Strain Chart

Strain GeneticsJack the Ripper X Orange Velvet
Indica/SativaSATIVA 75%
Flowering Time8-9 Weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest MonthOctober
Medical ConditionsANXIETY
Taste / FlavorCITRUS
Plant Height<1 M
CBD Content0%
THC Content15-20%

Despite having a name associated with the Vietnam war its name was borrowed to reflect the high potency of the strain and the orange colour of the dried buds. A well-balanced Sativa-leaning hybrid marijuana strain that many grow for its mood-enhancing, therapeutic effects. With a very noticeable orange taste and a rich genetic heritage that guarantees its potency.

Let’s take a look at this potent orange flavoured strain and learn all about its effects, growing tips and medical benefits.

What is the Agent Orange Cannabis Strain?

A weed strain first bred by TGA Genetics, it is a mix of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. It is jam-packed with cannabinoids and an extra potent citrus terpene profile. This strain won’t break the record for the highest THC content but it doesn’t have too, since it gets its fame from the delicious citrus taste.

Listed as a hybrid cannabis strain, its 75% Sativa genetics offers the user a mostly Sativa high with some relaxing effects from its 25% Indica side. It is resistant to pests and diseases and was designed to resemble the flavour of fresh oranges. With this unique genetic pairing, it combined unique characteristics to make this fresh, bright flavour. A wonderful daytime use strain to help you get your day off to a good start and deliver you from a mind-numbing day. Primarily utilized in the medical community to help those who struggle with mental disorders like stress and depression. It has also shown some mild pain-relieving properties from its Indica genetics through relaxation of the body and muscles.

Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе


When you buy Agent Orange weed, make sure it smells and tastes like an orange peel – if you don’t experience a pungent and obvious aroma of oranges, then it is probably another strain. It’s one of those weed strains where you instantly recognize it when the container is opened.

Take it from someone who has bred the Orange strain, this is one very unique cannabis strain. It has sticky flowers with a super strong aroma of oranges. More to the point, the smell of peeling fresh oranges. It has little of the typical cannabis smell and will delight the user with its citrus punch.

You may also detect a hint of cheese in the flavour, combined with the sweet and citrusy tang it produces a simply wonderful combination. It is one of the yummiest cannabis strains you will ever grow.

The aftertaste is almost as good as the initial citrus punch, a spicy old wine flavour accented with hints of clove. This makes for a very festive strain to share with friends on special occasions and something to medicate with on a daily basis.

Its appearance can be an interesting oddity as well. If dried appropriately the buds can actually turn purple at the tips. This odd trait makes Agent Orange weed easy to distinguish, and also makes it a lot easier to pick out of a dispensary display.


Agent Orange Strain Grоw Infо

Most cannabis breeders will say that Agent Orange cannabis is ‘moderately’ difficult to cultivate. If you buy Agent Orange seeds and want to grow them outside, you’ll need to live in a Mediterranean climate. If you do decide on an indoor grow then replicate the good breeze found in the coastal regions of California.

The Agent Orange strain loves a good trim and benefits from heavy topping to maximize yields. By topping you allow more branching and add more bud sites. Your plant experiences more lateral branching and less overall height. Chop off the new branches along the top of the plant as the plants mature. Chop them often and aggressively, and you should get a good final yield.

If you want to be successful with topping you will need plant supports to prop up the expansive lateral growth in the late stages of flowering. Trellises or some well-placed stakes can ensure the buds don’t break the stalk with their weight and rot on the ground.

Once you have chopped and hung your Agent Orange Strain plants make sure you dry them thoroughly to prevent mould. You will know your drying technique is correct if you see purple coloration developing, resulting in an iridescent, beautifully coloured bud.

The moderate rating for growing this strain is because of its need for constant pruning and its Mediterranean climactic needs but relatively speaking it’s quite simple to grow. The pruning efforts, you put in initially during growing pay off with large yields of wonderful Sativa cannabis.

You can get up to a pound per square metre grown indoors with proper care, training and pruning and a whopping 1.5 pounds per plant outdoors.

Agent Orange Strain Effects

Once you are done revelling in the taste you should experience the mood-enhancing high associated with its Sativa heritage. The effects of this strain are as impactful as the flavour with a hard-hitting initial cerebral buzz. With Agent Orange you can expect to be hit with its effects almost instantly, making you feel euphoric and giggly.

Dominating the effects are the feelings of happiness and peaceful tranquillity. Your creativity can shine with this strain and you won’t end up couch-locked and drowsy. Another thing that helps make this strain so unique is its ‘double high’. The initial high is immediate and potent, and about two hours after consumption, just when you think it is time to wind down, the effects come back. There is some Indica sluggishness that comes on at the end of the high but if you are an experienced cannabis user it will be barely noticeable.

Also, because it is a Sativa dominant strain and has little indica effects you can easily use Agent Orange weed at the start of your day. Its effects should carry you through to the afternoon where the mild Indica relaxation effects should kick in.

Medical Benefits

This strain is best used for the treatment or alleviation of stress. Just the fresh citrus aroma can elevate your mood and start to relieve your stress and anxiety. Agent Orange is well known for giving you munchies, which makes it a good option for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Its ability to focus your thoughts also makes it great for conditions like ADD and ADHD.

One other common medicinal use of Agent Orange marijuana is for treating migraines – for those experiencing low-intensity migraines, it can help take the edge off the pain without resorting to prescription meds.


Final Thoughts: Agent Orange Strain Review

If you just look at the basics it is a great Sativa strain, add in its citrusy terpene profile it is a superstar strain. When consumed it will put a smile on your face, no matter how you were feeling previously. Its high will be long-lasting and potent so use with moderation if it’s your first strain.

Also, this is a great strain to grow yourself thanks to its large yields and resistance to disease. Just keep up with your regular pruning as well as giving them lots of support during the flowering stage, the buds get heavy.

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