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How does it feel to be stoned from weed?

By Dagga Seeds Nov18,2021

Cannabis is a popular topic nowadays thanks to the cannabis reforms coming from all over the world. Many curious people today can possess and consume cannabis legally for the first time in their lives. So what does it mean to be stoned? We are here to help you get to know the plant, and what you can expect from your first time using cannabis.

Cannabis is slightly different from alcohol in terms of effect. While alcohol products generally have the same effect, the cannabis experience varies significantly from person to person. Some will find themselves in giggle bouts, others will relax comfortably on the couch. There will even be some who will be energized and get up to tidy up the house.

How does cannabis feel?

For most cannabis users, the plant causes an overall pleasant, calm and relaxed feeling. Some of the effects can be beneficial to one person while in the other person they will cause an unwanted phenomenon. For example, if you want to go to work then you probably will not smoke a strain that will knock you off your feet. But after you return from work, this is probably what you will want to smoke.

Here are some common feelings associated with cannabis:

  • Flying and landing, and again
  • Slight disruption in the sense of time
  • Relaxation of the body
  • Happiness, euphoria, contentment, a sense of freedom, the absence of worries, and a relaxed approach to reality.
  • A feeling of drowsiness
  • Increase in mental energy
  • forgetfulness
  • Increased sensory awareness

There is a reason why a small proportion of people give up cannabis after their first experience. The first time can sometimes be a pretty powerful experience. Experienced cannabis users develop resistance to the psychoactive effect of THC, allowing the user to enjoy the plant without feeling uncomfortable cognitive changes.


Joint, bong, pipe, or maybe a cookie with cannabis?

The way cannabis is consumed can influence the overall impact

In smoking or vaporizing the plant, most consumers will feel within a few minutes to a quarter of an hour. The effect will last between two and 4 hours.

In eating, the effect can only come after two hours and its effect can last from four to six hours.
Consumption of cannabis through smoking, or vaping, allows the active ingredient to reach directly to the brain and provide a faster and more concentrated effect, with benefits in favour of the vaporizing method. Consuming cannabis through the digestive system, (by eating or swallowing) will have a much stronger and more powerful effect. It will also last for a long time, and with sensations that will help deal with any pain.

Cannabis strains effects on the high.

There are many strains of cannabis, and their genetics are determined by the region from which they came. The origin of genetics comes from many regions of the world such as India, Mexico, China, Pakistan, and even South America. Their geographical location will determine whether it is a Sativa or Indica strain. You will become acquainted with a rich selection of different varieties. These varieties can be broadly divided into Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. While Sativa and Indica are on both ends of the spectrum of influence and the hybrid is a sort of combination of the two. Years of cross-breeding varieties have made it possible to reach a huge variety of strains. Each of which gives a unique and different feeling.


How does it feel to be stoned on Indica Weed?

Indica is a general name for varieties that are considered more soothing, with an effect that is more focused on the body. These strains are known for the effect of feeling heavy in the body, and mental obfuscation, although it is a very diverse range of sensations. Indica varieties are known for their ability to create a feeling of drowsiness, so it is recommended to consume them before bed. And they are also of course very helpful for those who have difficulty sleeping. Among the common Indica varieties are “Northern Lights”, “Granddaddy Purple” and more.


How does it feel to be stoned on Sativa Weed?

Varieties that are defined as Sativa usually have a more energetic and uplifting effect. All types of cannabis that contain a high concentration of THC, can cause a feeling of euphoria. Sativa on the other hand is full of happiness and full of euphoria, while in addition it also gives a boost of energy like a cup of coffee or black tea. Many Sativa consumers love it in the morning thanks to its “brain” effect, which encourages concentration dives and generally focuses the mind. These are excellent varieties that are recommended for social gatherings.

At high doses, Sativa strains can produce a feeling of arousal and even a slight feeling of pleasure. Although Sativa strains encourage concentration, they usually do not provide the deep sense of relaxation that Indica provides. The various Haze varieties will usually be Sativa such as the “Super Lemon Haze”, and also “Soul Diesel” and more.


How does it feel to be stoned on Hybrid Weed?

For some of us, the psychoactive effect of cannabis causes some discomfort. Those who want to avoid cognitive changes may prefer strains with a high concentration of CBD. Which is actually the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis. In strains where CBD levels are high and THC levels are low, the effect does not produce cerebral effects, although a feeling of relaxation and physical release, which also include muscle relaxation, making them excellent painkillers. These varieties are good for those who consume cannabis during the day and do not want to exhaust themselves during it. Today you can find a very wide variety of hybrid varieties that will almost certainly meet a need, and you need to experiment a little with the varieties to achieve the desired result.

Share with us your first cannabis experience and the feelings you had

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